#Gluten, #Grain and #Dairy Free Walnut Sandwich Bread

Grain Free Bread

The holy grail, this isn’t it, finding a bread that actually holds together? This might not be perfect for you as an egg/nut-based bread, but I’m pretty pleased with it. It is actually quite springy instead of the usual grain/gluten free falling-apartyness that drives me mad. Bear in mind I haven’t had wheat bread for nigh on 15 years now so this tastes nice to me, but you might hate it! It does taste nutty, as it would being a nut bread, but I don’t find this version too sticky or grainy in the throat if you know what I mean?

Line a small loaf pan with one of those loaf liners, saves all the faff and sticking of oiling, I find. And pre-heat your oven. I did mine on a medium oven – about 200 degrees, but each oven is different!

Beat together a cup of walnut butter (or almond/hazelnut, whatever you prefer, almond will give you a whiter-looking bread, walnut darker) and 4 large eggs until smooth. Then add a tiny squirt of honey, a teaspoon of apple cider or white wine vinegar and a quarter cup of water or nut/seed milk. Mix that lot together.

Next, add in a quarter cup of coconut flour and a good teaspoon of bicarb of soda plus a scant half teaspoon of salt. Mix again. Then pour/encourage the batter into your loaf tin and bake for about 40-50 minutes depending on your oven. Cover the top with foil if it looks like its going to burn and the loaf isn’t yet cooked.

Once a skewer comes out clean, it is done. Let it cool and then slice. I had some toasted with liver pate and a jam sandwich of all things. Was lovely. OK, so the slices are small. You just have to have more sarnies.

Tip: if you want yours less dense, you can get all creative and separate the egg yolks and egg whites. You mix the yolks and everything else first and stir the beaten egg whites in right at the end. You would get a fluffier, lighter loaf. As usual, I am too busy for faff and haven’t tried this yet – let me know if you do!

Tip2: you could make this a sweet bread, of course, by adding more honey and some dried fruit – a sort of teacake bread. Would it still hold together with heavy fruit in it, who knows? Try and let me know that too.

PS. I would have put a picture of my own loaf there, but actually I have eaten it all. Oops.



19 thoughts on “#Gluten, #Grain and #Dairy Free Walnut Sandwich Bread

  1. Thanks so much for the bread recipe – sounds greatl. Had wondered about beating egg whites separately but not got round to trying. Will have a go – getting v excited at the thought of some sort of toast!! My son would love the thought of a sandwich for lunch!!!!

  2. Hello Sharon, nice to see you on the blog! No pressure there then. I hope he likes it! Let us know the results of the egg white version then if you get round to it.

  3. Hi Micki – this sounds really promising – and even more shocking I have all the ingredients in my cupboard !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please pleas could you clarify apple cider vinegar for me ? Why have I been convinced this contains gluten ?
    I have steered away from all vinegars like the plague and am now thinking this could be good for salad dressings ! Thanks x H

  4. I have also steered well clear of vinegars. I am reliably informed by many TGFs that good quality organic apple cider vinegar is not made with cider (which can have barley added to it), but is just fermented apples, that they have been Ok with it. So perhaps someone will advise if they know different on that please?

    I have been having white wine vinegar in the mayo I use with no ill effects so I reckon we are OK with that too. Truth be told, I still left it out when I made the bread! Just that you are supposed to need vinegar to set the bicarb off or something so I thought I had better include it. It did work fine without though. Balsamic, malt etc def still not safe.

  5. Update sent in from Sharon today who has tweaked the bread, trying the egg-white method I was too lazy to do!:

    Walnut bread – made as per your recipe but used arrowroot instead of coconut and beat egg whites separately and then stirred in at the end. I actually folded the beaten egg white into the mixture at the end – as you would to make swiss roll – ie. don’t actually stir. The idea being to keep the “fluffiness” as much as possible.

    I also found it better cooking at a lower temperature (150) in my oven but for longer (about 40 mins) – used baking paper to cover top once it started looking done on the outside – then turned it upside down in baking tin (in paper) so that it cooked properly underneath! Hope this makes some sort of sense. D even had “dippy eggs” and “bread” soldiers for breakfast this morning!!

    Thanks for experimenting and sharing with us!

  6. […] out Sharon’s new comments on the sandwich bread here. She has tried the egg-white method I was too lazy to do – and suffice to say her 10 year old […]

  7. I’ve made this several times, sometimes with added sunflower or pumpkin seeds but the last time with added grated carrot which was very successful. Haven’t been adding the honey but seems still to work well.

  8. Oh that carrot sounds interesting especially as a way of getting more nutrients in – and hidden for kids. You are all very inventive!

  9. This is the best bread solution I’ve come across :). So quick & easy. I don’t use the honey or vinegars and use gf (Barkat’s) baking powder sometimes instead & find 180C in my fan oven for 35/40min works fine. The coconut flour is very economical. It freezes very well too. Like the grated carrot idea. I indulged in mini steak sandwiches the other day … mmmm!

  10. I’ve tried separating the eggs now too, folding in the beaten whites at the end – tricky to incorporate them as the mixture is very stiff at that point but all comes good in the end! By doing that I can leave out the baking powder and vinegar (and honey) and it’s still reasonably springy.

  11. It is, whoever thought ground nuts could be so versatile!

  12. Where do you all buy nut butters and ground nuts that aren’t just ground almonds? I have a very expensive and small pot of almond butter but that’s all I’ve found and I can only buy ground almonds in the supermarket.

    I’d love a resource for other ground nuts and for other nut butters. I also want a UK source for coconut butter.

  13. I use ground almonds wherever nut butters are asked for and seem to get good results. These are from either the health food shop, supermarket or whole nuts I grind myself. Coconut oil (solid) seems to be coming more available in supermarkets or from http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk

  14. Coconut oil is on sale in Tesco, near the other cooking oils. Also health food shops.

  15. seekingsolutionsue

    I get all my coconut products including the delicious organic virgin cold pressed oil, milk, water etc online. I use a small company who give good service. They are http://www.coconutty.co.uk

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