Caroline’s Progress on Truly #GlutenFree: “Just so happy to be happy once more!”

Comment in from Caroline this morning after reading our other progress stories. Here’s how she is doing

I notice a huge difference in bouncing back after accidental eatings and all symptoms less severe. Couldn’t figure out last weeks reaction, then hubby went back to the fishmongers to buy this weeks quota. Different person serving who luckily said the salmon and the bream are the only farmed fish they sell- last week it was only the salmon they said was farmed – and guess what I ate- some bream!- At least it shows I am not imagining it!

Tried organic sultanas this week but by friday was feeling a bit crap, horrendous nightmares friday night and poor sleep pattern – first indications of something going wrong. No sultanans and all symptoms gone by sunday morning.Ccan’t tolerate seeds so suspect the sunflower oil on the sultanas is a problem for me.

I have been tgf for a few months now but only just getting on to supplements and probiotics, so feel I am doing really well getting reactions down and feel so well most days with lots of energy and motivation. Even went for a run yesterday.

Hope is in sight with all your emails of putting things back in perhaps in a few months – but am just so happy to be happy once more- so well worth it!

Thank you, Caroline.

Fab for her. Onward and, er, downward symptom score-wise anyway! How are you doing? Note to self: must find a different phrase, I sound like Joey from Friends 🙂


6 thoughts on “Caroline’s Progress on Truly #GlutenFree: “Just so happy to be happy once more!”

  1. Just out of curiosity – can you have a reaction to “gluten free” products.
    I’m only asking as I’ve been trying to have gluten free porridge oats the last couple of days and I feel really for want of a better word “crap” today – it’s all the signs and symptoms of having something that doesn’t agree with me. Shaky, panicky, palpitations, spaced out,
    Had it yesterday and was fine – but the last two nights I’ve also taken a new probiotic – so could be a bit of a die off from that but then yesterday I was fine after I had it the evening before.

    I’m also suspecting I have a problem with oat bran – which I’ve been trying to add to foods for the extra fibre. Nightmare for me because some days I find I’m OK when I’ve had it then other days I’m not – so don’t understand what is going on!
    Which of the tests that you recommend could sort this out for me. I’ve tried vega testing which has on numerous occasions thrown up a fair number of intolerances – yet York blood testing only ever showed up melons and the nightshade group. So how can it be so vastly different?
    I would really like an accurate test to show up what I really should be avoiding instead of playing devils advocate all the time and throwing a dice and hoping I get the right number!

  2. Hi Janet, yes you can be sensitive to anything! The whole point of this site is to show you that gluten is not just about wheat, rye and barley and could involve any grain. Even most traditional gluten sensitives can’t take oats.

    In terms of allergy testing, this is a minefield as you are discovering. Your Vega test is an energetic test and the York test is an antibody blood test, albeit it only looks for IgG, one antibody where I advise you look for three at least. The best way to understand and choose allergy tests is to download my free Allergy 101 Factsheet here: It will answer most of your questions, then come back to me if you are not certain. Food Intolerance Test 1 or elimination and challenge are the best/most popular.

    Meantime, I hope you feel brighter soon.

  3. Thanks for that – I will take a look. So even if the gluten is removed I could still be having a problem with the oats. Strange I feel I have more of a problem with the gluten free oats than I do with normal oats but then wasn’t a good idea to take a new probiotic at the same time.
    I’m off to the Lakes tomorrow till Friday but I will read and digest the info and if I’m stuck as to which one to buy I’ll get back to you and ask your advice.
    Thanks again.

  4. I noticed that Caroline says she can’t tolerate seeds. I don’t have any seeds myself – because I don’t tolerate them either – though in the not-too-distant past I used to have pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. A while ago I watched one of Dr Osborne’s videos – I think it was the one on Gluten and Hormone imbalance (accessed by clicking on the usual Glutenology panel) where he advises against eating any seeds. The reason he gives is that the seeds are coated in a noxious substance to deter animals from eating them – though it doesn’t deter birds, who disseminate the seeds after eating them. I forget whether he says that nuts have the same protection, though I find that the only nuts I can eat are almonds – and they have to be skinless, ie bought flaked or ground. Whole almonds with skins do not agree with me at all. So I suspect that there could be a similar issue with nuts.

    As for eating oats in any shape or form: no way!! I finally had to concede, after much resistance, that the only safe diet is one which totally excludes all grain, even quinoa and buckwheat. The so-called gluten free sections in the supermarket are a bad joke anyway. They’re anything but!

    • Too right, Anthony! Yes, I have wrestled with that seed issue myself and it is included as a caution lectin type for some people because of that very problem, same with nuts. I decided in the end to eliminate the most specifically gut-harming lectin types in the Barrier Plan and allow seeds for those who can tolerate them as opposed to restricting the diet even further, if you know what I mean!

      Hopefully, it won’t be too long before you both get some seeds back in. Fingers crossed. I find pecans seem to be better than most nuts somehow, no idea why but thought it worth passing on in case that helps. Also, soaking nuts and seeds overnight can also help.

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