Get Your Iron Levels Up With Grain and Dairy Free Liver Pate

I am NOT a lover of offal. That said, I remembered the other day I used to love it as a youngster – my body needed iron clearly. I have problems now maintaining iron levels and it seems with taking iron supplements (see recent report on progress scores for evidence of this!). So, not to be out done, I determined to eat some liver. And before you say ‘eurgh’ or however you spell that, it’s actually REALLY TASTY!

Here’s the recipe I concocted: simplicity itself.

Buy some beef, calves or lamb’s liver preferably from a farmer who does 100% grass fed animals. The taste is so much better for a start I’m told, but importantly they have had less toxicity going through that all-important organ to pass on to you when you eat it. Nuff said. I get mine from Sheepdrove Farm who may well give you 10% discount if you say you ‘belong’ to me!

Chop up an onion and 2-3 largish carrots quite small. I had no onion left so I used a leek and some spring onions instead actually, and I blitzed them into tiny chunks in my Thermomix processor – took 1-2 seconds, much faster than laboriously chopping away. Saute them in a little olive oil or coconut oil preferably if you have some.

Next, get a peg on your nose (I actually did this as I can’t bear the smell. Hey, good look!). Snip 1lb of liver straight into the pan, trying not to look. Stir it round to help it brown on a mediumish heat. You want to get it cooked through but slightly pink. When it stinks, its overdone so don’t let it get too stinky. I am selling this, aren’t I?

Add in a few fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, plus a generous sprinkle of nutmeg – dried herbs will do if you’ve none fresh or even a little mustard powder is nice. Stir through letting the liver cook for about 10 minutes or however you like it done: stinky or non-stinky. OK, I’ll stop with the nasal teasing now, sorry 🙂

Crack 3 large eggs straight into the pan and stir around until cooked. Season, then pop the whole lot into a processor and blitz until smooth. I wanted mine pretty mild and people would normally add cream for that. I improvised and added a quarter ish of a block of solid coconut cream (you could use the thick top of coconut milk too). Blitz that in, check the taste, peg off nose now, and season to taste.

This makes quite a lot of pate which I put into various ramekins, covered and froze for iron-deficient days. I hope it freezes OK; I’ll let you know.

I had mine very cold from the fridge on hot grain free walnut toast with crunchy cucumber on top. Was delish, I’ve got to say. There: that sounds much more appetising now, doesn’t it? Yum Yum.


6 thoughts on “Get Your Iron Levels Up With Grain and Dairy Free Liver Pate

  1. That sounds lovely Mikki. I shall try that this weekend. Now how about the recipe for the walnut bread please?!


  2. I can’t eat eggs so when I make liver pate I blitz avocado with it to get a creamy texture. Adds omega 3 as well!!

  3. Great idea! Thanks, Caroline.

  4. […] What to eat when everyone is eating pizza/having a  Boxing Day snack? Your own pizza. Or crackers with pate. […]

  5. This so yummy, will be one of my regulars and love the idea with the avocado too. Ive had mine in the fridge two days, any ideas on how long it will last in the fridge, guessing only a few days? Thanks Micki for a fab recipe.

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