School Attendance Up from 33% to 85% on Truly #Gluten Free Diet

Just a bit of news that made me smile today to share with you.

D’s Mum told me today that D (male, aged 10) was at school 33% of the required time two years ago (and that was a huge struggle), last year it had risen to 78% and this year it is 85%. I am really pleased and I remember having conversations with Mum about how to convince the school authorities that he was really ill with chronic fatigue when the doctors could find nothing wrong.

We have been working on D’s allergies and fatigue for longer than that time; he is hyper-sensitive, bless him, and has been unable to do most of the stuff we needed him to do. He measured  high mercury, arsenic and aluminium levels in 2009, which weren’t helping.

We initially removed the most common allergens including wheat, dairy and gluten – and you can see the resulting improvement from 33% to 78% in that time. He was still pretty reactive, though, so in November 2011, we did a gluten gene test and confirmed two genes present: 1 coeliac and 1 non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. He went on a grain free diet eventually – difficult for a little boy with an already very restricted diet. We recently measured the toxic metals again and they are now barely present. The icing on the cake was the recent school statistic and, as Mum said: “you can’t argue with that!”

He still has a way to go, of course, and we are trying to get him onto the barrier hyper-permeability plan as soon as we can but, so far, it looks like the removal of the grains in the truly gluten free diet has enabled him to make a huge leap forward. SO nice to see for him at long last.

Note too that we tested the rest of the family and all carry DQ genes, but not necessarily the same ones. Useful info. None of them are particularly well, Mum especially, who has only been grain free for a couple of months (don’t Mums always put themselves last…?). However, she was delighted to tell me she walked 12 miles along the coast last week which would have been unheard of just a short while ago.

Moral of the story is: if you are not getting well even when you;re doing the right stuff, get tested and get the grains out!

Well done them. Very hard for a whole family to have the problem and have to find munchies to suit everyone! Hats off to them.


One thought on “School Attendance Up from 33% to 85% on Truly #Gluten Free Diet

  1. Mum wrote in today:

    “Good to speak to you the other day – you are such a mine of information – what would we do without you!! You have inspired me to have another go at getting our diet even better. Thanks for the blog about D and the kind things you said – hope it helps other people. If there is one thing I have learnt it is that there is a way to get your health back on track – it might not be easy to find but you just have to keep looking!! ”

    Absolutely right, Mum, keep at it!

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