#Coeliac Not Healing? Is It #Gluten Whiplash?

You will have heard me use the term ‘gluten whiplash’ before. It describes the time when someone on a gluten free diet starts becoming reactive again. This can either be because:

  • they are not so strict on the diet as they were at the (terrified) start
  • they become more dependent on gluten free, probably contaminated, convenience foods
  • they start to react to other glutens like corn in those replacement foods
  • they start to react to other foods which now come to the fore. I wrote a bit about this here: Gluten: Will I Become Less Sensitive? 

I see this happen a lot.

Dr O at GFS has just written about the same phenomenon so hop over there to see what he says about it too: Do You Have Gluten Whiplash?

The take-home (being all American-sounding there!): if you start off well as a coeliac or corn free-er and then start reacting again, look at what you have started to eat more of. It might not be a grain – could be soya or nuts, for example – or it could be something cross-contaminated, or very likely another non-gliadin gluten grain that has come to the fore. That’s what happened to me with rice, and happens to most as far as my clinical experience goes. Worth a think.


7 thoughts on “#Coeliac Not Healing? Is It #Gluten Whiplash?

  1. I’ve just worked out that this is what has happened to me. I couldn’t understand why I was still getting symptoms despite sticking religiously to my diet. I looked at what I was eating a lot of and came up with soy. I’ve eliminated it for the last week now and feel so much better already.

    • Good for you. Soy was one of mine too. I focus on the so-called ‘novel’ foods. Did we evolve with it? Is it a new food evolutionarily-speaking? Is it heavily processed in some way? Then I knock them out as the most likely culprits.

  2. I am having that experience with yams possibly feding the Candida, so I will reduce it. The yam keeps my weight up.
    Or it is from detox taking selenium? Probably all above…..Not sure.

    • Yams do not feed candida so eat em all you like.

      • Thank you!! Very happy to hear yams are ok 🙂
        Is there a whip lash deal with viruses coming out to front when one cleans out gluten?

        Recent tests indicate high active levels : CMV, EBV, HHV6, Coxsackie B virus, & near zero on hormones in menopause. Being I have been strict on diet & barrier plan since Jan 2012 I must be feeling crappy, extreme fatigue/apathetic from those persistent viruses draining my immune system & memory. Do you have a plan to deal with hidden viruses that can take one over? I have gained so much hope for life & momentum with your barrier plan, your wise-expert-forensic research information.

        In Appreciation,

  3. That doesn’t sound good. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they tend to come out after the relief of the removal of gluten from the body – the next repair. But that is sheer assumption!

    I assume you know whether the viruses are active, past infections or latent, difficult to find that out! It may be showing past problems. If active, look at using lauric acid.

    Your hormones would indeed make you feel rubbish though and I would assume you need to see an endocrinologist to get that sorted out.

    Good luck,

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