No Hayfever, A First For Summer, And My Tiniest Migraine Yet!

Quick progress update for you today following on from my progress report here.

I have been a lifelong hayfever sufferer – remember doing your O level exams not being able to breathe?! I have hated Summer since my teens and avoided grass pollen like the very plague.

This weekend, I camped – albeit cheating in a caravan – in a field in the middle of the Dartmoor countryside. I was nervous but my hayfever has been non-existent practically this year so far so I went for it. NO REACTION AT ALL! How exciting is that? Am I finally going to be able to enjoy Summer; I truly hope so!

They do say hayfever eases as you get older so my usual cynical self is questioning it, BUT I am on a barrier strengthening plan. Mucous membranes ARE barriers. Could they be getting less porous and not allowing as many pollens through…? Ooooh…

As for other reactions – usually plentiful when we are away and out of our usual comfort-zones, aren’t they? – I did have one mild migraine, my usual gluten reaction nowadays.

I think it was kicked off by Fairy washing up liquid when I did the washing up on the first afternoon. Stoopid. I should have thought. I steeled myself for the current 48 hours of scoring 2-6 pain and nausea level (albeit a heck of a lot better than the 8-12 score for 4-5 days it used to be) and for my holiday to be ruined; I was only away 3 days.

But, for the first time ever, it last 24 hours and scored a 2 mainly because of the nausea. Not the usual debilitating awfulness. Yay. And no more washing up either, now there’s an excuse. Note to self: take Ecover next time.

Two possible barrier strengthening signs to share with you there then. Mucous membranes and blood-brain barrier. Woo hoo (whispered, just in case..)


4 thoughts on “No Hayfever, A First For Summer, And My Tiniest Migraine Yet!

  1. Whilst I’ve not yet got myself onto the barrier plan, I experienced my first winter this year without having to buy copious amounts of hand cream to moisturise my dry, cracked and often bleeding hands that I’ve got so used to at that time of the year. That was 18mths after removing (gliadin) gluten and 12months after removing corn from my diet. The effects of this dietary journey are not always instant and it keeps me going to see what other improvements will be next!

    • Yay! Good news re hands. Does take time, doesn’t it, which makes me think how much damage it must do to us if it takes that long to start recovering!

  2. Just to say, I am convinced my washing up liquid isn’t great – and happened to find yesterday that Ecover ‘contains Gluten’ along with citric acid, milk whey and ‘preservative’… I’m just gonna wear gloves!! ;D Sorry! (What DOESN’T contain Gluten?!)

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