Is This Supplement Truly #Gluten Free?

 I know many of you out there are constantly helping me by trying to find TGF safe supplements, which is fab. However, on double and triple checking, 99% of them fall by the wayside. I found this with over 50 suppliers I tested out originally. You can read about that nightmare here.

I thought it might be helpful to know what to ask your suppliers so here is how I start the enquiry:

The best thing to ask is: does it contain any grain – especially corn – in the final product AND/OR is any grain used during processing eg as a fermentation substrate even if you think there is none left in the final product.

A good double-checker is what form is their Vitamin C in? 99% is corn-derived and if they say it is corn-free, ask them what the Vitamin C comes from then. 

Another thing to ask is where does the xanthan gum, citric acid, sorbitol etc etc come  from?

If the answers to those come back OK, do please let me know and I will follow it up with more technical questions. That doesn’t always mean they are safe then. Today, for example, I have a mouth full of nasty ulcers a day after trying a supposedly TGF safe iron for you :(.

Meantime, don’t forget we have enough to have developed the healing Barrier Plan now so we are at least on our way. Always useful to find more though!



5 thoughts on “Is This Supplement Truly #Gluten Free?

  1. thanks Micki – Im not totally gluten free – i have a gluten sensitivity with the genes for coeliac but the antibodies attack my peripheral nerves rather than digestive system. i get a lot of dizziness and if i eat gluten by accident (which i dont do nowadays!) then i get dizziness. i have been testing other things such as corn and do seem to get a reaction – in particular i have noticed vitamin C fizzy tablets and Muller light yoghurts (maize starch) do cause a reaction! strange but great and immediate feedback! Rice i seem to be ok with and get no reaction whereas Quinoa i react to, but that may be contamination.

    i have had to reduce my thyroid dose (levothyroxine) since being diagnosed and going gluten free 18 months or so ago and reduced from 125 mcg down to 50 with a tested TSH of 1.4 and then have had to stop it as each time i try to introduce it again i get symptoms of being hyper-thyroid, yet i feel tired and that i need some! wonder if you have any thoughts on this – could the levothyroxine have something Im reacting to maybe? but if its a corn filler Im not getting the same reaction of dizziness that i get from the vitamin c etc. wondered if you had any thoughts?

    thanks for your work here – much appreciated and helpful. i learned a lot from the ebook.- i think i could react to gin too!


    • Hi Gill. V likely gin, a grain alcohol :(.

      If I had a pound for every time I heard a story like this, I would be rich. You so need to go seriously truly gluten free and preferably as far as the barrier plan to stop that nerve damage. I see so many people gradually become problematic with other grains and it always starts with corn after the gliadin grains.

      Re levothyroxine, I looked it up. It contains lactose and 2 types of maize starch. The combination may be why the reaction is different (dairy is a very common secondary to gluten illness), but also because that seems to be a target tissue for you. Is your thyroid auto-immune? Remember gluten is the only known common denominator in auto-immunity and all grains contain it. I think your reaction there is because your thyroid is the auto-immune gluten attacked tissue. It just isn’t working properly.

      Glad you learned a lot from the TGF ebook and find the site useful. I hope you will learn a lot more and get well!

  2. Hi Micki, before this all started I had ordered some multi vits and they have just arrived. Dr Murrays Womens Multistart by Natural Factors. They do say that they are wheat and dairy free but I wonder if you have come across this brand at all?

    I can always send them back and use ones from the BP if that’s a better idea.

    Thanks, Deb 🙂

  3. Contains wheatgrass juice and only states yeast and dairy free, not gluten free, corn free etc etc, Deb. I don’t know what the Vit C comes from but prob corn. No go anyway with the wheatgrass, sorry. Good make just not TGF safe.

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