Nice Start To Monday

Lovely comments coming through from you on email, which just make me all smiley :), thank you. Here’s a selection. I must put a testimonials page on the site, musn’t I? I know I like to read what others think before I do something.

Thank you so much for your reply. I can’t believe you manage to reply to people in person – you’ve no idea how it feels that you take time for someone you’ve never even met! Not like visiting one’s GP!

Glad to hear the ingredients in the supplements shouldn’t pose me a problem. I don’t doubt your ingredients lists being thorough – given all the people you are catering for, and their wierd (sic) and wacky allergies! Must have been an incredible challenge sourcing them! Thank you, thank you and well done! 

I am not happy about picking your brain and the knowledge on your web site in the future for free. Ed: How lovely, this person sent me £120 donation which helps pay for all the time spent researching, trialling (being ill as a result…!), thinking etc – yay!

I did read the whole plan when I was away and it really is GREAT. As always I am Sooooo impressed with your attention to detail! 

Still feeling soooo much better without the gluten & dairy, onwards & upwards. Thanks a billion as always. 

Spent some time going into your website and downloaded your material last night…… Very exciting stuff! I have a naturopathic background and have been experiencing urticaria, angiodema and fatigue on a daily basis. It’s very frustrating when I am surrounded by all the right people on the natural health industry but I have really been getting nowhere or had any answer.

I want to thank you for your dedication and the amazing research and work you have put into the programs… Wow, I actually feel like this will be the answer I have been looking for these past couple of years. 

 Thanks for being there, it really means a hell of a lot. 

How lovely: keeps me at it, so thank you! Hope you have a nice start to the week too. Keep at it yourself..


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