Lemongrass Tea

    Has anyone tried lemongrass shoots made into a tea? K asked me today, but I haven’t, have you? How do you do it? What does it taste like?


2 thoughts on “Lemongrass Tea

  1. Chop a stem up and place in a tea pot with boiling water- soak for a few minutes and then pour and drink. Can add some sweetner of some sort – can do similar process with fresh ginger – about an inch chopped per cup. Mint leaves any herb will work. A nice combination is grated ginger 3 chopped dried figs and a dash of lemon juice per mug. Place in a pan ( or mug ) with cold water and heat ( place mug in microwave and heat for 3 mins) Cool slightly before drinking.

    • Like the first one, Caroline, thanks. What do you do with the figs – munch them in the drink or blitz them?
      Microwave?!!! Not a good idea unless you want to destroy any goodness. :).

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