On A #Gluten Plateau? Leap off With The Barrier Plan

Another note for you from the inbox this morning. This time, a person who has gone truly gluten free, experienced good success with symptom improvement, but is now preparing to tighten things and move herself forward again by going on the Barrier Diet:

I’m ‘preparing the ground’ for the barrier plan.  I think it’ll give me an extra boost off this plateau I feel I’ve been on for a while.  And although soooo much better than when I first came to see you, I still have sporadic constipation, achey joints and throat flare ups, but I have noticed foods on the avoid list in your plan (such as soya) that have crept into my diet in spades without me really noticing and certainly could do with weedling those things out. 

Sounds like a good plan to me. Personally when I moved from grain and dairy free to removing lectins and legumes, like soya, I definitely noticed an ‘uplift’ in how I felt. I didn’t really expect to feel any different symptom-wise, as I did it purely to give myself the best chance of healing, so it was a nice bonus! You just don’t know what’s making you feel bad until it’s not there any more, do you? Amazing.

I wish her lots of luck and a leap off the plateau!


3 thoughts on “On A #Gluten Plateau? Leap off With The Barrier Plan

  1. Am sure the leap will be well worth it!
    I found taking all legumes out a great help and going totally organic as well. Suspect still a few niggles to sort out but so little inflammation compared with not being totally organic 3 weeks ago.

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