Eating Out #GlutenFree Tip

Note from Clare this morning about her eating out experiences, so thought I would share it with you:

Just thought I’d let you know that I experienced being able to take my own alcohol to a hotel where we were holding an overnight conference for work the other week. 

I took a bottle of my own vegan wine and the hotel were great and provided an ice bucket by my place at the dinner in the evening.  All my meal was fine (salad starter, steak & veg main and fruit for pud) and I had no noticeable after effects – a result! 

The hotel was the Oxford Belfry (near Oxford!) and part of the QHotel chain.  I took my own breakfast and lunch for the following day but within the variety of the food served for lunch I was able to have a very good, simply cooked fish dish.  Again – I was ok. 

It can be done if the place you go to is good with avoiding cross-contamination. Few and far between, regrettably, but nice tip here if you happen to be in Oxford! Thanks Clare.




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