Barrier Diet Menu Ideas

Sometimes, you need a quick starter guide to get you off the blocks, especially diet-wise. I have written a 12 page guide to remind you of the general principles of the Barrier Diet, why starches, grains and new foods are not helping us heal, diet tips, menu ideas for each meal type and my own daily diet so you can see how it’s done.

Available in Resources now.

Coming up shortly: some important updates in the Plan, a grain and dairy free Detox and Candida plan.


6 thoughts on “Barrier Diet Menu Ideas

  1. So helpful to read the menu plans for ideas. I have shifted to alternative breakfasts – veg and meat or some fish steamed in water with organic coconut oil as i can’t eat seeds ot nuts yet. The meat helps me last to mid morning at least when i snack on more veg and fruit.
    I still feel i have a small reaction going on – like a low accumulation affect which makes me ill on a sunday generally! Am sure it is contamination leaching in somewhere. Was wondering if anyone has any experiences with the plastic brita water filter jugs? The glass one Micki recommends isn’t available?

    • I can’t seem to bring myself to eat meat in the morning. Fish OK – I think of kedgeree without the rice! Shame that glass jug is not available. Perhaps we should check with Brita what’s going on with it. If using the plastic one, my advice would be to immediately put the water into a nice glass bottle or jug in the fridge and just use the plastic for filtering. Nice excuse to buy a pretty bottle. I have a lovely blue one. That said, it really is much cheaper and better to get a reverse osmosis kitchen-top or under the sink one as the cartridges cost over time for the Brita ones.

  2. HI there,

    I have been dairy, sugar, fruit red meat, processed foods & grain free etc since Jan 2012!
    Much better on barrier plan! Thank you!
    I found 23 allergic items including soy, from Elisa 5 day delay reactions test. I bought the visions glass cooking pots as I had metals leaching into foods.
    Leaky gut I sense is much better too. Still have Candida, H.Pylori bacteria & the chronic fatigue virus, auto immune Hashimotos, & getting better 2nd month on bio -identical hormones.

    But I am now losing too much weight (130 lbs at 5′ 10″ was 150) , I eat loads of non starchy-non lectin green veggies & protein all day long. Can not tolerate nuts -activates my virus, I can now eat pumpkin seeds though. 🙂 .The crock pot grass fed bone & organic turkey & chicken broth gives me strength! Huge thank you for that!! WOW!!
    Anyone have ideas how to keep normal weight on & not get too boney! I get Candida symptoms if ea t1/2 yam, soy nuts are out.

    In Appreciation,

    • Hi Becky, Glad to hear things are getting better gradually. My advice with the weight loss would be to get that candida sorted out. Have you got the TGF detox and candida factsheet which comes as part of the barrier plan? Get that sorted and you will be able to expand your diet to sweet potatoes, yams, parsnips, beetroot, swede ie lots of starchy foods which will help fill you up.

      With chronic fatigue virus, I assume you are meaning EBV (Epstein Barr). How do you know it is still active? Very difficult to tell unless you have repeated tests over a period of time which show levels are rising. Have you looked into Lauric acid which can help destroy a virus?

      Re weight, it always drops as the fluid comes away from the cells and tissues when allergens are finally removed, but it usually then comes back up slowly to where the body needs it to be. Make sure you are eating lots of what you can and regularly. Smoothies, soups, broths, casseroles etc.

      A few thoughts for you there anyway in case they help.

      • Hi Mickie,

        Yes, your reply is a tremendous super support & huge help Thank you! 🙂 Especially explaining the loss of fluid/weight when allergens are removed & comes back again.
        Will try Lauric acid as in Lauricidin® ?? Bit afraid of the die off.

        Got the awesome barrier plan when it came out, not the full package just yet. The US food/chemical/herb/medicine allergy allergy tests & other tests & US DR apt are so costly l was waiting a bit. Need to get lots more ink cartridges too. But I am excited to get your package before discounts runs out ~ when?

        I assumed one viral activated the others. I have EBV, CMV, HPV, HHV6. Because I get Herpes outbreak eating a few nuts/usually seeds too. Both Rickettes & micoplasma pneumonia border line in my blood tests too. Will be going to infectious disease Dr few weeks. Have to take sub Q Heparin shots 2x days for thick blood. I think ti is auto immune activated from all bugs from gluten as primary cause.
        My Candida is coming down from 5 to 3. (with Barrier plan & some Biotic Silver with fulvic acid). The detox from Candida herbal remedies & pro-biotics were so strong I could not function.

        Turns out i was allergic to some of the ingredients in the remedies I was taking!
        I had the 5 day delay immune activated antigen allergy testing (845 items tested felt as though I had little time left in this world ) that found those items from US LAB… .. Now I have hope especially with your forensic expertise.I am continuing being trulygluten free -avoiding allergens, some people too I was allergic too!

        I found US brand Eidon liquid minerals Selenium clean & very helpful for T4- T-3 conversion..

        Deeply heart felt thank yous!!


      • Thanks for sharing, Becky, that should help a few others. Lauricidin, yes. I have actually been trying to list the ElisaAct tests very recently. We can’t do them for UK/European people because they have to be back within 24 hours and the cost is prohibitively expensive but I am going to list them for my US readers so thanks for reminding me of that. The Food intolerance tests listed are do-able for UK/Europeans though and are excellent.

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