#Gluten #Migraine

Did you know that severe migraine attacks are classified by the WHO “as amongst the most disabling illnesses comparable to dementia, quadriplegia and active psychosis”! I can truly believe it having started to suffer migraine as my main gluten symptom almost three years ago now.

Over eight million people in the UK, including children, suffer from migraine and, on average, 190,000 thousand experience an attack on any given day. Over 50% of people with migraine remain undiagnosed and under-treated.

My heart goes out to them as I know how particularly nasty it is. My migraine is like clockwork after a gluten incident. Two hours on the dot after the ingestion, I start to feel like my neck and back is going tight. I notice myself massaging the back of my neck and feeling really tired, but desperate for sugar. I now realise this is probably coming on from about half an hour after ingestion, but the two hour mark is where I start to feel the pain. And there’s nothing like a migraine pain, is there, for those who have it? Debilitating is the only word.

Although, thankfully (she says with everything crossed and whispering), it IS getting better. The migraine used to score about 8-10 on the pain scale (10 being the worst, but I now think of it as 8 as I hadn’t experienced the jaw bone pain then with the gum infections!!). The average one now is about 2-4, with an occasional 6. They used to last 4 days and now last 2 days – again, almost on the dot of 48 hours, it just goes and then I need to sleep. A lot. If it wasn’t so bloomin’ painful, it would be fascinating!

I know the scores and length of time have changed because I keep a daily diary and score myself very quickly every night before bed and then add them up at the end of each month. I was doing really well, with the scores coming down dramatically and then consistently lowering UNTIL the recent gum flare up, which I still haven’t sussed the cause of yet. Almost under control again, but it’s so frustrating as I want to see those scores coming down. One thing I have noticed, I suppose, is that where I was scoring ONLY reactions a few months ago, I now include general stuff like colds, tiredness etc and the scores are still lowering, so that must be a good sign, musn’t it?

We should shout to all those 190,00 migraine sufferers mentioned above ‘GLUTEN. GLUTEN, GLUTEN’ and encourage them to go gluten free, shouldn’t we? Migraine is a neurological symptom, very commonly caused by some form of gluten sensitivity and barrier breakdown leading to neurological damage and auto-immune processes like migraine. I like to think my blood brain barrier is getting gradually stronger which is why the pain and time suffering is coming down. Let’s hope.

To understand more about why gluten causes migraine, read up about the auto-immune and barrier breakdown process here. And here too is a migraine tip for you. I generally find boosting magnesium levels with the Magnesium spray helps too as it relaxes the muscles and migraine is known to be caused in part by magnesium deficiency. What causes magnesium deficiency in gluten sensitives? Malabsorption. Solution: remove the gluten – properly, so all grains – and boost your magnesium whilst you heal. And keep at it; it takes time, trust me.


7 thoughts on “#Gluten #Migraine

  1. Micki, I found your blog recently after having to cope with cooking for my husband who is now responding from illness (possibly coeliac) now I have made him gluten free. Since you wrote about headaches today could you offer any comment please. He started the gluten free food five weeks ago but for the last four weeks he is having headaches, he has never suffered with headaches previously. I’m wondering if this could be somehow connected to gluten withdrawal and I whether you have come across this before.

    Cynthia in UK

    • Welcome, Cynthia, and glad to hear your husband is going gluten free. Headaches? Could be withdrawal, very likely, or some hidden gluten getting in somewhere. Often when the body is free of something and then accidental ingestion occurs, the body will screech in some way, normally with an acute symptom.

      Have a read through the comments on the withdrawal posts and see others’ reactions; I think that will help. Just put gluten withdrawal into the search box and they will come up.

      Hope that helps. Let us know how you are getting on. Meantime, plenty of fluids and rest, make sure the gluten is totally out and perhaps look at the enzymes to support him as per the TGF ebook in the withdrawal section.

  2. Hi Miki,

    Those who have never suffered what we have do not have any idea how destructive it can be. For those who have disparaged us for our ill health I have felt that if they suffered our worst episodes for a single day that they would be humbled.

    MCS goes hand in hand with food allergy and once the disease progresses the range of reactants causes ‘spreading’. You become more and more sensitive to less and less dose.

    In my experience the tightening of the muscles is the body’s response to a stagnant lymph that is choked on microbes and toxins. Since it is a passive pump system the muscle spasms are a misguided attempt to move the poisons, which they won’t because they are still unmodified and have no place to go. The episode ‘time’ related to On and Off of feeling sick that seems to be precisely like a timer-switch seems to be the body’s ability to mount a white blood cell response. The illnes is felt before while the WBCs are working but after they are expended then the body is literally tired from the energy wasted.

    Of course avoidance and giving the body what it needs to heal are the keys but the mind/gut link is best understood from embryology. The tonsils and adenoids arose from the same tissue as the appendix. So if your gut (that carries 80% of your immune system) is being assaulted then you can have your sinuses, and all of the lymph tissue that drain them, along with the mastoid lymph nodes light up like a system status board in a nuclear reactor plant that is going into meltdown. It never ceases to amaze me that I treated my sinuses for many years never knowing that if I had simply addressed the microbial overgrowth in the cecum that I would have never had to do anything for my sinuses since it was merely adenoids that were swollen to unimaginable proportions in sympathetic response to what was going on near the appendix.

    You are spot on with the blood-brain barrier permeablity. The first assault to that most sensitive organ is via serum sickness that accompanies all vaccines. Healing that delicate tissue can help with brainfog and even sensitivity to EMF.

    Regarding Cynthia’s observations: Different protozoa have different food requirements. If memory serves, it is Entamoeba histolytica that can be quieted with a diet of rice starch but other grains makes them upset and they will let you know. When you consider that microbial overgrowth (like Candida causing sugar cravings) can dictate diet below our threshold of perception that we are being driven by remote control, PLUS factor in that they are releasing toxins into our bodies as they metabolize our meals, then the number of assaults to our immune systems and causes of them seem daunting. However, like mowing a lawn so that it doesn’t get out of control, if you realize that many single celled parasites graze on intestinal bacteria then if you control their food sources including gluten you can attain a nearly bearable life. I am currently starting experiments with enzymes not with the focus on breaking down food (that is important given the malabsorption) but rather breaking down the microbes that form the biofilm thus contributing to the malabsorption.

    In industrial water systems there are two approaches to breaking down biofilm in the pipes: Ozone and digestive enzymes. My personal view is to stay only with the simple digestive enzymes. I have concerns that the exotic enzymes offered today can remove the cell walls of organisms allowing them to behave like mycoplasmas. This prevents the immune system from recognizing them and mounting a response, but then they are able to dig deeper into tissues and cells.

    As you well know, we just about need PhDs in multiple disciplines just to navigate our own health.

    • Too true. I was listening to a GP today – they were taking about why GPs deserve not to have their pensions cut – and he was saying ‘we deserve £100K a year and a £50K pension because we have studied so hard (for 7 years and ongoing) and look after people’s lives’. Er, yes, ditto and I won’t have a pension of even a third of that! Not that I’m bitter or anything for my type of healthcare being marginalised 🙂

  3. A little extra tip on migraine to pass onto you today. I was chatting to someone the other day and they said they had a strong caffeinated coffee when they felt a migraine coming on and it went. I thought that makes some sense since we know caffeine is a part of most migraine meds and painkillers. I tried it the other day and, guess what, it worked! I don’t advocate coffee very often but in this case perhaps occasionally it might be worth an exception.

  4. […] this magnesium oil spray – I seem to absorb this one better. You can read my previous post here. There was a recent study by doctors specialising in headache and migraine, published in the […]

  5. […] this magnesium oil spray – I seem to absorb this one better. You can read my previous post here. There was a recent study by doctors specialising in headache and migraine, published in the […]

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