Can You Heal Even If You Can’t Avoid All Your Allergens?

I saw a quote this morning from Dr Russell Jaffe, a specialist in auto-immune disease and food allergy testing, which I thought was rather encouraging so here it is for you:

Patients frequently ask if they can still realize the health benefits they desire if they cannot avoid 100% of their reactive items 100% of the time. The simple answer is “YES”. One hundred percent compliance need not be achieved in order to reduce the immunologic burden below a clinically relevant threshold. In fact it is usually not possible to achieve 100% avoidance, especially with regard to environmental antigens like pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals and molds. The concept of an immunologic burden threshold is especially important when the reactive items cannot be avoided completely. For example, patients with a hip replacement who react to nickel, aluminium, or titanium should not think they must have their implant removed in order to achieve better health. Similarly, a patient reactive to silicone does not necessarily require breast implant removal. 

That sounds like good news, doesn’t it?

He goes on to explain that it is important to identify and eliminate as many of your known allergens as you can because:

Prolonged over burdening of the defense function results in organ and tissue weakening and reduces the body’s ability to fight off future assaults. Over time this immune system dysfunction leads to chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease.

This we already know – it’s where many of us are.

He explains that we can do our best to cut as much allergen stress from the body but that:

While eliminating all unnecessary immune stress would be ideal, we know it is not required in order to achieve clinical results. Simply reducing the immunologic burden below a certain threshold, while simultaneously supporting repair through alkalinization and appropriate nutrients strengthens the body’s ability to withstand these antigens, symptoms improve and optimal immune function can be restored.

So, how does he suggest we do that?

In these cases, the first step is reducing the immunologic burden by substituting non-reactive items whenever possible while supplementing and modifying life style according to individual need. In addition, a multi-system detoxification or cleansing can sometimes be useful in eliminating any toxic elements circulating within the body. Health benefits begin within weeks and will continue throughout the program.

That’s what the Barrier Plan gives you. And the Gut Plan is actually a fantastic detox programme too so you can do that first or alongside as you like. (I used to call it the Detox Box, and I really need to change this name!)

In summary, it is important to know that any reduction in the immunologic burden is a step in the right direction.

Yay! A nice one to start the day with. In other words, doing what you can will help and we shouldn’t worry overly, even though we know we are not 100% clean, as we can never be. Nice to know that healing will start and continue, albeit probably more slowly, but that will increase in pace with every step we take to reduce that body burden.

PS. I am trying to get the tests in the UK, but the return postage costs are prohibitive! I will be listing them for our US readers shortly, and for anyone who wants to pay the postage; it gives us another type of test for delayed allergy responses which, as we all know, are horrendously difficult to track down.


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