Truly #Gluten Free Apricot Muffins

Your Coeliac Week recipe, as promised: this is my favourite breakfast/snack muffin currently. Quite filling, high protein, no grain, dairy, soya and sweetened with dried fruit only. As usual, I just bung everything into my Thermomix for speed; I’m not one for measuring but I’ll try for you!”

Again, not mine: I really will have to sort the camera out!

Truly Gluten Free Apricot Muffins

These are grain, dairy, soya etc free.

First, chop or pulse a bag of dried apricots. You need to make sure these have not been covered in rice flour; most dried fruit is covered in some kind of powder to stop it sticking in the machinery.

I use Crazy Jacks Organic Apricots (and their Dates and Figs, which could be used as alternatives in this recipe for a nice variation).

Then, add 3 cups of nut flour (ground nuts) into your mixer. I used a mix of pecan and walnut this time as I can’t tolerate almonds, but most nuts will do.

Add a scant teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and a sprinkling of fine sea salt.

Next, break in 3 eggs and mix the whole lot together. You will probably need to add some liquid to make it smooth and semi-pourable; I use fruit juice -no citric or ascorbic acid, of course.

Mix really well, trying not to break down the small lumps of apricot too far so you have some texture in your muffins. Pour/scrape into paper muffin cases (I am not certain about the healthiness of cooking food in plastic or silicon at all) and bake in a medium oven (mine is gas mark 5) for about 20 minutes, making sure they don’t go too brown on top, but just enough to get a crunch.

You should have enough mix for at least 8/9 muffins. You can put a whole nut on top for decoration if you like but it tends to burn a bit so, if I think of it, I add one half way through, or you could cover with foil.

Check they’re done with a skewer coming out clean and leave them to firm up a bit and cool. These will keep in a tin for a few days if they last that long… They will also freeze so double or triple this recipe to make a whole batch.

Makes the house smell lovely. Who knew I could bake?!


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