Slow Progress On Truly #Gluten Free Diet

A nice little message to pass onto you today. This is a person who is down to very few foods and is trying to follow the truly gluten free principles, even though she cannot yet tolerate any of the Barrier protocol (it took me well over a year to get those in so I know how frustrated she is!)

All in all I am slowly getting there, veeeerrrrryyyy slowly and the road is surely not yellow bricked ;o) But I am getting there, thanks to you!! Even tho I can’t follow the barrier protocol (YET!!) I have made more progress following your advice then all the years of running from hospital to hospital. Onwards and upwards!

That is really nice to hear. She is always so upbeat and hopeful.

Whilst chatting, we discovered we had both had an infection to cope with recently. We both have managed to control them with natural substances without recourse to allergen-containing antibiotics, thank goodness. My gums came up again and have been a right **!^*** for the past month. I wasn’t sure if it was a reaction to something (very probably rhubarb sprayed with a corn pesticide and a party where I was surrounded by gluteny foods, I reckon) since I had migraines as well, so I stopped all protocol supplements except Vit D (anti-inflammatory), zinc (aids tissue healing) and probiotics in case and ate very soft safe foods to aid recovery. I’m not quite there yet, but it is improving at last, thank goodness; I can’t describe the pain to you and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!

So, what do you do when this happens, because it is going to?!

Get right back on track as soon as you can; don’t let it throw you off your journey to wellness. We ARE going to be ill sometimes with other stuff like colds, viruses, infections etc not just reactions. But I think consistency is going to be the key to gaining barrier strength. I have started back on most supplements again today, am annoyed it has put me back a few weeks, but I will not be put off my stride if I can help it. And neither should you.  Here endeth the lecture. Wish me gums speedy healing!


2 thoughts on “Slow Progress On Truly #Gluten Free Diet

  1. That was very interesting reading. I am attempting the basics of the barrier plan – but very much had my doubts wether i should as I can eat so few foods – am I rushing it- should I just keep to being TGF for longer in the hope that i get over a severe sensitivity to salicylates, nuts and seeds- My gut feeling – pardon the pun- says follow the barrier plan as much as I can to heal the barriers and stop more sensitivites occurring – I reckon it may just take longer on the barrier plan for me?
    I recently read a squeeze of fresh lime juice in water is a good way to flush the system faster if you know you have contamination in you. – Currently my salicylates are slightly too high causing an overactive bladder so i think I’ll give further flushing a miss!
    Hope the gums heal fast. Get a simialr thing on my fingers and toes and that is painful enough.

    • I felt the same, Caroline, and in the end I decided I was scared of constantly developing new reactive foods so I just decided to do anything in my power to slow the process, and that’s how I came up with the Barrier Plan. Remember, it is an ideal plan and you should do what your instinct and body tells you as far as that is possible. I was just worried I would never heal the broken barriers if I didn’t go for it. I have been totally on the barrier diet for almost 3 months now. Tough but I am determined! Some people lead into it slowly – but almost inevitably most see, to have to do it eventually from the people I know about anyway – and others, like me, just dive in for speed! I was never very patient.. Thanks for your good wishes. I am sitting here with a wad of oregano oil wedged in my mouth!

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