#Gluten free Coeliac Diet Not Working? Top 5 Next Steps

I note Dr Osborne from the GFS recently did a video on why people may not get better on a gluten free, traditional coeliac diet. You can access the video as a member of their services (which are fab and well worth it) but, basically, this is the advice he gives in summary.

I have added my notes for you to each one too.

  1. Avoid all grains including oats, corn, and rice. Go TrulyGlutenFree using the diet in the diet guidelines in the TGF ebook or the Barrier Plan. If you don’t believe me, check your gene pattern and see if you have the non-coeliac gluten disease genes too. 
  2. Check your medications (if you are taking any) for hidden gluten. Absolutely right. A really common reason for continued symptoms and people don’t think to look. In the forum, I have started to list the meds we have found suitable so far including painkillers, steroids, anti-fungals etc as we come across them.
  3. Have your vitamin and mineral levels checked comprehensively by your doctor. Yep, the tests you need are outlined in the Barrier Plan. The most important to check as they are too important to guess are Magnesium and Vitamin D.
  4. Have your doctor test you for delayed hypersensitivity food reactions. Again, recommended in the Barrier Plan. Food intolerance Test 1 which is designed by me and therefore unique certainly in the UK  is by far the most useful and value for money.
  5. Have your doctor perform a gastrointestinal test to measure for hidden infections, leaky gut, and digestive enzyme deficiencies. All in the Barrier Plan. Of course. 
  6. Once you have collected all of the above information, implement action steps based on the results Indeed.

Did you get the point there?! ALL of this advice is already there for you for free in the Barrier Plan. All you need to do is DO it. Don’t just read it and think: ‘flippin ‘eck, that’s going to be hard’. Of course it is; this is a complex issue and is not easy to turn around, but you do now at least have the plan to follow instead of flailing around not knowing where to start. Just take it one single step at a time and then at least you are moving forward.

Go get started! Good luck.


7 thoughts on “#Gluten free Coeliac Diet Not Working? Top 5 Next Steps

  1. Gluten enter through skin/air?
    I replaced my Cat’s wheat litter (airborne gluten) with Pine ingredient one. I heard of bakers asthma from airborne wheat gluten……
    Now I am searching for toiletries/shampoo’s/hair protein building spray products with out wheat/rice soy/ gluten proteins.
    LOVE to hear your take on gluten entering through the skin please?

    Thanks so much!!

    • It absolutely does, Becky and is a proven fact. I am working on a report listing grain and dairy free toiletries so keep your eyes peeled. I did write an article on the skin barrier making the point about allergens being able to enter the bloodstream. You can read that here: Skin Creams: A Barrier To Health?.

      • Thank you for skin/air confirmation! 🙂
        Breathing it in gave me itchy, sneezy nose, watery eyes & slight headache, some others get asthmatic! Not want to inhale wheat breads being baked at bakeries or WHEAT Cat litter!
        Loved your articles on barrier to health!!. Thank you for your awesome investigative mind!!!

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