The Power Of A Quick Reply

Sometimes I dash email replies off so fast, I don’t stop to consider what their impact might be. I hope most of it is good!

This one brought me up short – a powerful image and I felt quite humbled…

I woke up this morning, checked my email on my phone while I was in bed and wound up waking my husband up to read your email to him. I was in tears and honestly, am in tears again as I write this to you. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful we both were to receive your response – I know you’re very busy and it meant so much to know you took the time to write back, and quickly!…We have been praying that God would guide us and direct us to answers and your website was a complete God-send. I pray God blesses your medical talents…your articles and insight were a beacon for us last night. 

Wow. I took a big gulp. More of that ripple effect we were talking about last week.

(And I should say, just in case, if my replies are a bit blunt sometimes, do forgive me; I am dealing with hundreds a day!)


2 thoughts on “The Power Of A Quick Reply

  1. And I don’t expect that she is the only one…… Onward and upward with the great job you are doing!!

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