New Truly #GlutenFree White Wine Now Out!

So Lo SO2 Aurum Natura 75cl ultra low sulphur natural wine I have just ordered my first case of the new SOLO Aurum Natura sulphite-free white wine to try and am SO looking forward to it.

I have already recommended the red and wrote here about the new white so have a read. Here, though, is some general blurb about the white. Note it is a bit dearer than the red at around £14 a bottle but then I suppose it is pretty unique and they haven’t made very much of it.

So Lo SO2 Aurum Natura 75cl ultra low sulphur natural wine 
SO LO SO2 is a brand new brand of natural wine, developed specifically for people looking for wines with no artificial additives and virtually no sulphur.

Aurum Natura – Latin for Natural Gold – is a fitting name for this wine, as it is unique. It is the world’s first natural white wine designed and blended specifically to taste like good mainstream wine, but without any artificial additives (a miniscule harmless amount of sulphite was added at bottling, giving a free sulphur content of just 6 mg/l). This makes it actively healthy and good for you – no hangover, no lethargy and no long term damage from harmful additives.

The wine has full body with flavours of peach and honey, and a long finish with a citrus lift from the 5% Viognier. It has a wonderful overall balance, with gentle acidity but still giving a crisper finish than other natural white wines.

The picture has been supplied by the label design team, but the presentation will be even better too, and it is being sealed with natural cork not screwcap.

Sulphites – Permitted Levels in white wines

EU law for white wine 210 mg/l Total Sulphur

Organic white wine 120 mg/l Total Sulphur

Biodynamic white wine 90 mg/l Total Sulphur

Solo Aurum contains just 13 mg/l Total Sulphur

and a miniscule (virtually undetectable in the laboratory) 6 mg/l Free Sulphur!

SoLo Aurum Natura by law has to state “contains sulphites” on the label although it is only just above the legal minimums: 1mg/l above for free sulphur, and 3 mg/l above for total sulphur. Levels are so low, SOLO say it is harmless and perfectly safe even for people with a severe sulphite allergy.

I will let you know how it tastes and goes down.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an occasional glass of something crisp, cold and light on hot days in the Summer; I shall be finished my 4 months on Barrier Plan by then? Fingers and toes crossed!


5 thoughts on “New Truly #GlutenFree White Wine Now Out!

  1. Hello, I am not familiar with ‘sulphites’: what it that and how is it dangerous?

  2. Update: review from expert on the wine:

    Isabelle Legeron, MW and organiser of the recent RAW Natural Wine Fair, recently tasted the Solo Aurum Natura and said it was one of the best natural white wines she has tasted! High praise indeed from the world’s leading figure on the subject!

    “Aurum, made from an interesting blend of chardonnay, marsanne and viognier shows lovely purity of aromas of acacia blossom and apricots. This vibrant, mid-weight wine is refreshing, complex with great drinkability”.

  3. Update: bad news, I reacted to this white wine, despite the fact that is is made the same way as the red which I am great with. Bum 😦 This could just be me – maybe a yeast or mould thing on the grapes, who knows? Advice would be to get a sample bottle first. Thankfully, the lovely people at Goodwinesonline swapped my case of white for a case of red when I told them.

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