Ah, That’s What I Do!

I always like it when Michelle from FoodsMatter writes about me; she has an excellent way of summing up very pithily what I am doing. Sometimes, I am so close to it, I can’t see any more so I too learn what it is I am trying to do!

She has just done it again on her blog, so go have a read of  The Truth About Gluten – And The Barrier Plan – and then you too can remind me when I get lost..

Thanks Michelle!


2 thoughts on “Ah, That’s What I Do!

  1. Ah yeah, she’s good like that. She always makes me sound far more professional and clever than I really am. Got to learn to blow our own trumpets Micki. Thinking of trying your gut plan though. Really struggling at the moment. Going to consume all the potential nasties with relish and then begin in earnest.

    • Gut Plan or Barrier Plan, Ruth? I think you need the -albeit much harder!) Barrier Plan, sorry. Gut Plan is wheat and dairy free but the supplements are not trulyglutenfree so watch it. I have got a trulyglutenfree version and am putting it on the allergy site shortly for members who want to do the gut plan first. Phew, SO much to do!

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