Adding Foods Back In At Last!

Bit of hope for you here. I just had an email from a very sensitive patient who is just starting to get her adrenals back on track and to get some foods back in:

By the way, did I tell you that I am eating fruit for the first time in 16 years with no thrush?  Very exciting!  Higher sugar fruits have not been as successful, but I can manage apples and bananas and pears.  I tried almonds and had almost immediate nasty thrush, but sunflower seeds have been okay.  So happy! I can live without grains if I can start adding back in some other foods.

This person has been working in some form or another for just over a year, removing all grains bar rice. She is abroad and it would be almost impossible in the country she is in to avoid that and pulses, but she has done her best to minimise them in the last few months to speed her healing up. She has latterly has been taking some of the Barrier protocol to repair the problem; changing it as I have developed it.

Let’s all cross our fingers that she continues to be able to add more foods in; that’s what we all want! Well done, her.


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