Three Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free Recipes in Under 20 Minutes!

Hey, not bad! I am getting quicker at all this making stuff lark.

I just made a week’s worth of granola for breakfast, snacks and desserts (I find it useful whenever I get the munchies), some hazelnut milk to have it with and a large walnut butter seed loaf which I plan to mash avocado and smoked salmon on for lunches. And I promise it took me well under 20 minutes!

You CAN do it. I was, I admit, ably assisted by my super-powerful Thermomixmixer which grinds stuff down in 2 seconds, but whatever equipment you have, you CAN make yourself some lovely stuff to eat. It’s not all about deprivation, you know! (If you want to see what the Thermomix does – I did a review on my Purehealth site).

You will find the granola and a version of the bread recipe in the TrulyGlutenFree Breakfasts book which Members get for free in Barrier Plan Resources.

Have fun and enjoy. If I can do it as someone who had never baked a thing in her life before having to, so can you..


One thought on “Three Gluten, Grain and Dairy Free Recipes in Under 20 Minutes!

  1. Update: And I’ve now increased my diet to inlcude prawns with no adverse side effects. These were Young’s wild prawns caught in the north Atlantic. Lovely! I’m also able to have beetroot (though not at the same time as the prawns). Fab news. Prawn stirfries and curries back on the menu hopefully.

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