Banana Flour: The New #GlutenFree Alternative?

Banana flour could be coming to a supermarket near you! I read this interesting post about the traditional Matooke foods eaten in Uganda. They have cottoned on to the fact that flour from bananas is naturally gluten free and are starting to market it – already in the US and Japan I believe – as an alternative in cooking/processed foods to wheat and other glutenous flours.

I remember reading that, in what I call ‘the original gluten free diet‘ in the 50s before we went all gliadin-mad, bananas were often tolerated by really severe coeliacs and were used sometimes as the only food to calm down the gut before re-introducing other foods. I think I’ve got that right; I shall have to look it up again, but certainly I remember thinking from then on if I was feeling gut-poorly to have a banana, so something must have sunk in.

Read the full article here. Fascinating. Let’s just hope they mill it with no cross-contamination…


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