The Gluten Ripple Effect

I had a lovely email from someone this morning who has been following the TGF diet and lifestyle for a good few months now. Rather than focusing on her own case, she wanted to tell me how the TGF stuff is affecting people out there I don’t even know, which is a lovely thought.

First, her own progress:

I continue with being as TGF as possible and generally doing well but definitely reached a plateau.  Biggest challenges for me is building in regular exercise to my ‘can’t help myself’ busy schedule and my ever present sweet tooth!! Oh – and eating out …. two days of diahorrea after eating out last week (even though it was a place I’d eaten at before and been fine) has brought me up sharp on that one!

This is so much a journey and we make mistakes (re-make them!!), learn, pick ourselves up, re-adjust and move on.  So your new gut and barrier plans are absolutely essential in helping us on that journey.  Thanks again.

Hopefully, now she has the Barrier Plan protocol to follow, she can move on from that plateau, but it does show it all takes time; there is no quick fix!

Using the knowledge she has learned through the process, she has been helping a coeliac lady with long-term depression back to work, created a diet for family members with probable gluten-related issues and encouraged others she has come across to think about gluten in the TGF way.

We are changing the gluten world one person at a time. How fab and well done her.

She concludes:

This is really a note just to say thank you and although you may not be seeing it all the time, your hard work, tools, education and sharing of your research is rippling its way out here. 🙂

Your self-help tools look great and a huge thank you. Can we now lobby parliament to make them standard practice within the NHS!!?

Thanks, how lovely, but I can’t see the NHS taking much notice for a good while yet – probably another 20-odd years like it took for the proper recognition of coeliac disease – but it’s a lovely thought that all you TGFers out there are now telling others so that the message is rippling out. Fab.


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