Probiotics Can Reverse Coeliac Disease

Good report via FoodsMatter on this: Probiotics found to reverse the progression of coeliac disease 

Here is the conclusion of the study on mice induced with coeliac disease (poor things!) and then reversed using probiotic strains.

The selected probiotic treatment reversing disease development will allow the study of the role of probiotics as a new therapeutic approach of CD.

I would certainly agree that probiotics are absolutely essential to the treatment of gluten-related disorders (there’s that new term I mentioned here) but you have to have the right strains, the right amounts, and they need to be taken at the right times. And they need to be truly gluten free, of course. It’s hardly a ‘new therapeutic approach’ for us naturopaths/nutritionists who have been championing probiotic therapy for many years now but nice to see mainstream medicine catching up. Again. (Naughty me, being cynical there…).

In this case, the researchers used saccharomyces boulardii. Recognise it? You should if you are on full treatment; I already included it. I thank you.  It will be in the Barrier Plan too, along with other strains also proven to lower inflammation, balance immunity, induce enzyme production and lots more besides.


4 thoughts on “Probiotics Can Reverse Coeliac Disease

  1. Hi Micki

    How do you know which strains you should be taking. I find the whole probiotic “thing” mind blowing – if you have stomach bloating and constipation – what should I be looking for in a probiotic. Sometimes I find that they make me more bloated – I’ve been taking them for a good while now but I do keep changing because sometimes I feel they stop working. Do probiotics heolp with weight loss or do they increase weight – I’m trying hard to lose at the moment and just wondered! I don’t seem to be getting far however strict I am – that’s why I ask.

  2. Probiotics helped my H. Pylori for sure.
    When I take Natren dairy free pro-bioitcs 2 million strength, I have trouble concentrating, very sleepy, sick. I understand the die off, but could the following carbs in this product [garbanzo beans, (chick peas) dehydrated potato powder] be part of problem? I am awaiting response to what the carbs concentrations is from that company.
    In another product when I asked the concentration of starch it was 205 mg & the actual product was only 25 mcg. I am not able to tolerate carbs well… wondered if others have same issues looking for probiotics with out dairy & too many carbs? If there is one out there more suitable for us with leaky gut.

    Thanks so much,

    • Yes, it may be the grain-based starches or cross-reactive ones, or the substrate the bacteria are grown on if you are gluten and/or dairy sensitive. The plan will advise which to take.

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