First Comments In On New Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan!

I am SO pleased (and not a little relieved!) that my kind guinea-pig readers like the new Barrier Plan. More to come in, but looks like I may be on the right lines:

Wow Micki! I am blown away by this. This must have been one heck of a project, but the end result is such an invaluable tool. Very well done you.

The tone is friendly and supportive but firm, just as you are in consultation.  I felt like I was with you if you know what I mean? It is a hand holding document. I see it as a manual – a DIY get better manual. Get this out there.  This will be appreciated probably world-wide.

This looks amazing …It is exactly what I needed this time a year ago! 

I think that the type of patient that would want/need/benefit from the Barrier Plan is someone like me. i.e Someone who has been extremely unwell and they know they have food intolerances diagnosed either by themselves or as a result of a test.   Someone who is desperate for some help and wants to be on a diet/programme that will help them.

And I promise I never paid them! Except that they get the plan for free, of course.  They have all so far pointed out some useful tweaks so I shall get working on those asap and get it out to you.

Don’t forget to sign up to this blog so you get a notification as soon as it hits the stands.

Sigh. Thank goodness for that; it is always very hard showing your writing ‘baby’ to others!



4 thoughts on “First Comments In On New Truly #Gluten Free Barrier Plan!

  1. I honestly can’t wait for it!!!!

  2. Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see the finished plan……

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