Truly #Gluten Free Pancakes

Val has today sent us all a recipe for gluten free pancakes ready for Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday next week. Thanks Val.

English: Pancake in frying pan.

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Val’s Gluten Free Pancakes

2oz Gram Flour

Pinch of salt

1 egg

3 ½ oz soya milk or mix of milk and small amount of water

1 tablespoon oil

Whisk all ingredients together let stand for about ½ hour.  Heat a small amount of oil in frying pan, make sure the oil and pan is hot. Ladle a small amount of batter and swirl around the pan. You can make them thin enough to toss. Serve with lemon juice and sugar as usual.

Would also make pancakes suitable for savoury fillings. Makes more than enough for one person!

Sound yummy. If you don’t want to use gram flour, try the recipe for pancakes in Elana Amsterdam’s Almond Flour Cookbook (use whichever nut you like; I tend to use pecan). These are the smaller puffed up variety rather than thin folding pancakes. I added a banana to my mix and they were delicious. gluten free pancakes

She has updated the Pancake recipe on her site too and you can find that here: Gluten Free Pancakes Revisited. Read through the comments too as some of those have useful tips.

Remember, too, pancakes are not just for Pancake Day, they are for life. Well, Sunday breakfasts in our house anyway. I’m off to put the pan on. Yum. Enjoy.


12 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Pancakes

  1. […] Sound yummy. I have posted some alternative pancake recipes using gram (chickpea) flour and nut flour on the TrulyGlutenFree site too so check those out: trulyglutenfree pancakes. […]

  2. Please can you tell me which gram flour you trust? The Natco one recently had to withdraw a batch due to gluten contamination, which has made me rather nervous. I am also not very sure about Dove’s Farm given that they also process so many grain flours – including corn etc, which may not be segregated properly given they are not classed as “glutenous”?

    So would love to know which gram flours I can trust – or indeed where I can get raw chickpeas which are not cross contaminated and which I can grind myself?

    Thank you! Carolyn

    • I worry myself, Carolyn, about the cross-contamination of gram flour and don’t use it. That’s why I suggested a nut flour one as well. I also plan to grind chickpeas, those should be quite easy to get from a health shop, I would imagine. Not got round to it yet. Check here for the post and comments on safe flours. Did you try the Goodness one Sharon mentioned in comments?

  3. I’ve never made pancakes with only gram flour, but perhaps I’ll try it! I’ve posted my recipe for rice flour pancakes on my blog. It’s very simple, and I think rice flour is easier to find (and perhaps there are more really trustworthy brands of rice flour for celiacs).

    • Thanks Nina, although a truly gluten free diet does not include any grain, including rice. For those of you still having some, check Nina’s recipe out.

  4. Thanks all – I have yet to try the Goodness ones, as they don’t describe the product as gluten free on goodnessdirect so I’m a bit nervous.

    Trying to find whole chickpeas which are guaranteed not to be cross contaminated is proving a similar challenge, as they are often packaged on the same lines as bulgar wheat, pearl barley etc.

    Again – welcome any ideas!

    Best wishes, Carolyn

  5. Hi Micki

    This truely is a dilema as I don’t think any of the branded gram flours we sell will state wheat free and will not guarantee that there has been no contamination. What a sad state. It looks like the best option will be to prepare from chickpeas which can be rinsed prior to preparation. Sorry, if I find a guaranteed wheat free gram flour I will let you know.


  6. I also asked Lesley about Carolyn trying to find suitable chickpeas to grind herself. She said this: “I think she will be ok if she rinses whichever ones she chooses, they are tough and I doubt if contamination will penetrate.” Fair point: they are hard-shelled little blighters, aren’t they?!

  7. Thanks Micki – I have still been trying to track down dried haricot beans which are not processed on lines with gluten cereals at least (gets a bit beyond people’s tolerance to ask about corn / maize, rice, soya, dairy etc as well..!) I will let you know if I come up with anything. Crazy Jack are the last one to hear from so fingers crossed… Carolyn

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