Viridian Acerola Cherry Contains Corn

After my message to you the other day about Viridian’s error in assuring us their Bromelain was TGF safe, we thought we had better check their Acerola Cherry product again, which some of you are taking.

Lo and behold, exactly the same problem in that the cherry powder has been sprayed onto maltodextrin from corn as a carrier. Thanks to Carolyn for getting there before I did and confirming this for us.

You can be assured I have expressed my disappointment in both the method that is seemingly ubiquitous (we cannot just blame Viridian for that), the lack of declaration of a corn-derived/processed ingredient (Viridian could choose not to follow the rest of the industry like sheep and label corn-derived ingredients as Higher Nature does – the only UK company I have found to do it yet, well done them) and the errors made when questioned quite clearly about any grain-derived ingredients being used anywhere in the manufacture of the product, even if they felt there was none in the finished product.

Disappointed. Angry. Frustrated. And back to square one with Vitamin C. Please stop using it when you have finished or contact Aimee again for a refund (see here for her details). I will advise a replacement asap.

Meantime the DiPan-9 sample has hit my desk and I am garnering myself to try it for you. If OK, we will try it to replace the Viridian Bromelain.



One thought on “Viridian Acerola Cherry Contains Corn

  1. Cheryl, the boss-lady at Viridian has written in to apologise about the issues with their bromelain and acerola products and – a nice refreshing response for a change – they have scheduled meetings with their raw materials suppliers to see what can be done to change corn-derived ingredients. I have offered help, of course, and we shall wait with baited breath.

    Here is Cheryl’s response:

    “Once again, I apologise for the confusion surrounding the Acerola and the Bromelain.
    Your detailed questioning has highlighted some issues of which we were previously unaware.
    We have scheduled meetings with our primary raw materials suppliers and will be striving to remove some/all of these raw material additives at the soonest possible time.

    I stand by our positioning as being amongst the cleanest brands available, as most companies do add further excipients at the manufacturing stage – magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and worse – which we do not. And now you have highlighted some raw materials issues for us we hope to bring even better news in the coming weeks and months.

    Assuring you of our commitment to avoiding all additives – we will keep you informed regularly with updates as to our progress.”

    Well done, them. Keep your fingers crossed.

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