Val’s Truly #Gluten Free Christmas Cake/Pud

Not Val's but as I imagine it to be...!

Val wrote in yesterday with her Christmas cake recipe, adapted for the TGF diet, in response to our pleas for successful festive recipes. Here is her message and recipe for you. Thanks Val!

In response to your plea for recipes here is the Christmas cake recipe that I made last week. I adapted a recipe that has been in my family for generations and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, between mine and the real thing, I think the secret is that  there is such a high proportion of fruit etc to flour, that changing the flour to ground almonds makes no difference. It is a very moist dark cake and if you didn’t decorate it but served it warm in slices it would make a very good Christmas pudding substitute as well.

I halved the amount as it was only for me, but next year I will make the whole one for myself and my husband to share.

I hope you like it. Have  a Happy Gluten Free Christmas:

Christmas cake Original recipe

 6oz Butter [Ed: see note below] 

Small amount mixed peel [Ed: watch ingredients]

6oz Soft Brown Sugar [Ed: make sure it is proper brown sugar, not white sugar coloured with caramel which can come from corn]      

6oz Sultanas [Ed: watch the coatings and oils on all dried fruits – see the post here about that.]

Finely grated rind of 1 lemon                  

6oz Currants

3 Eggs                                                            

6oz Plain Flour                                    

8oz Seedless Raisins

½ level teasp mixed spice                   

4oz Glace Cherries

¼ level teasp grated nutmeg                      

1 Tablesp Black Treacle

2 Tablesp milk

 Gluten Free version

 6oz Goats butter or margarine [Ed: use Pure spread or goat’s butter if not dairy free]

½ cup agave syrup; you can use the brown sugar as above if you don’t have a problem with it [Ed: honey is a simpler starch to digest]

Finely grated rind 1 lemon [Ed: make sure it is unwaxed!]

3 eggs

6oz Ground Almonds [Ed: or other nuts eg pecans, walnuts or a mix]

Everything else as above, but you may not need the milk, if you do, use soya milk [Ed: or another milk you are OK with. If no milk, use suitable fruit juice.]

 Grease and line an 8” cake tin. Pour boiling water over all the dried fruit to plump up, and leave for a few minutes, then drain and pat dry on kitchen paper.

Cream the butter, syrup and black treacle together and add the eggs, beating well in between each. Mix the ground almonds and spices together and fold a small amount through the fruit, so that the fruit doesn’t stick together, then add this with the remaining ground almond mixture to the cake mix, it should be a moist dropping consistency, if necessary add a little soya milk [Ed: or juice].

 Place cake tin on baking tray in centre of preheated oven. Bake 30 mins at 140 degrees and then one and a half hours at 120 degrees, these timings will depend on your oven. Towards the end of time test with a warm skewer (should come out clean) and you could cover the top with foil if it is burning before the inside is cooked.

I made a half version and cooked it in a loaf tin for 30 mins at 140 and 1 hour at 120 degrees

 Cover with homemade marzipan (recipe coming next post…)

Mmm, I can taste it already can’t you? Thanks Val!


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