Val’s Home Made #Gluten Free Marzipan

To cover the Christmas cake in the last post, again, from the lovely Val:

250gm icing sugar                               

250gm ground almonds [Ed: or other nuts]               

2 egg whites                                         

½  teasp salt                                        

½ teasp almond essence [Ed: hmm, probably not as this will be alcohol-derived most likely. Check this post for more on this issue and a good supplier of at least alcohol free vanilla extract.]

Mix together well and chill overnight in fridge. I found half of this mixture was plenty for the smaller cake. Then decorate with dried fruit and nuts and glaze with sugar free apricot jam. FANTASTIC !

It strokes me these would make lovely little treat snacks too, maybe. Also, if you don’t fancy marzipan, just cover it with the glazed fruits and nuts a la this:


3 thoughts on “Val’s Home Made #Gluten Free Marzipan

  1. dang you gut, heal! Heal I say!!!!!

  2. […] Cover it with this marzipan or glazed nuts and fruit. […]

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