Truly #Gluten Free Mince Pie & Christmas Puds

Clare and I have been discussing how to make truly gluten free Christmas food items so we don’t miss out when the rest of the family is tucking in. Has anyone made any successfully? Please let us know your grain and dairy free recipes so we can all make some.

Meanwhile, today I am making chocolate truffles and chocolate-coated brazil nuts to snaffle in front of the Christmas telly. Yum.


6 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Mince Pie & Christmas Puds

  1. Ooo! Chocolate truffles – do tell!? Is that from Mortimer Chocolate company?

    • Nope. I got some cacao butter and powder with coconut palm sugar from Elements for Life, plus a new raw choccy recipe book. Ran out of time yesterday but SOOOO looking forward to making some. Meantime, have been having fun in these slightly quieter patient days and made Malaysian Beef Rendang and Spiced Roasted Pineapple yesterday instead. Yummy. Recipes to come when I have written them up.

  2. I finally heard back from waitrose and sainsburys regarding fresh dates!
    Waitrose – say they are safe, that they may be coated in sugar and that causes the light spots that sometimes appear on them – they haven’t said what type of sugar.
    Sainsburys – the dates aren’t treated with anything but as rice is not a labelled allergen they couldn’t rule out cross contamination.
    Not sure how helpful that is – much as I like them I think I will give them a miss this year as still in my withdrawal phase and don’t want to risk delaying the healing process.

  3. Val wrote in yesterday with her recipe for a yummy-sounding Christmas cake. Check the next post and I will list it for you – too long to do as a comment, I think. Here it comes…

  4. Debbie Robinson

    Mmm yes please I’d like a christmas cake, pudding AND mince meat recipe please! Pretty please? Thanks 🙂

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