#Gluten In Wine

I flippin’ knew it! Even though we know wine is made from grapes, several of us react to it. I have looked into why and this can mostly be because the wine is aged in ex-grain spirit barrels and those barrels can be sealed with wheat paste. Great.

NOW we find out that gluten is being touted as a new fining agent to stop wine going cloudy. This is to avoid people reacting to current allergens used in the fining process – egg, milk protein and fish bladders (yum). Are they mad? Do they not realise that wheat/gluten is potentially even more of a problem? The mind truly boggles: why replace one allergen with another one? Bentonite clay is a good fining agent and, as far as I know, does not pose an allergy problem so why not just use that?

A recent study I read about in Foods Matter has shown that using gluten as a fining agent  could indeed cause problems for gluten sensitives – as if we needed a study to tell us that. For the first time, they used two antibodies and more sensitive procedures to do the testing and found a positive antibody result in the blood of gluten sufferers. Previous tests have not shown this, so this goes to illustrate why we cannot rely on the usual gluten testing – it is simply too complex. If gluten has been used in something, we just should not touch it. The difficulty, of course, is in knowing if gluten has been used as a fining agent. Drinks, to my knowledge, do not have to be labelled with the 12 top allergens as foods do.

Another example of manufacturers making life harder as usual. Aargh…!

Have a read of the study and comment and thanks to FoodsMatter for alerting us to it.  And see my post here on which wines should be safe to drink.


5 thoughts on “#Gluten In Wine

  1. I’m forwarding this to my father in law. He makes wine, would be interesting to hear what he has to say 😉

  2. ik gebruik alleen bentonit om te klaren

    • This means: “I only use bentonite to clarify”. I assume this is from Nele’s father in law….?

      • I think so ;o) We asked again, he only uses grape juice (not the rind, nor seeds so lectin safe), bentonit, a beet sugar and clay for purification rather then flour… so my advice, make yur own wine or have someone make it 😀

      • Thanks Nele. P makes his own wine actually (saves us a fortune!) but when we checked the packets of stuff that comes in his kits and I asked the suppliers about them, they were dodgy from a TGF perspective. Probably non-kit wine would be fine so a good idea. Let’s get fermenting, so to speak!

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