#Gluten Free Eating Out and Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Le Bistrot Pierre

Thanks this morning to Clare who has written in to tell us about her recent restaurant experience and to give us her fave chocolate brownie recipe, which sounds very similar to some I make myself using pecan flour:

La Bistrot Pierre http://www.lebistrotpierre.co.uk/locations/leamington-spa was good today.  They do a ‘traditional’ gluten free menu and so far this eve I feel ok after my meal at lunchtime.  I have also seen them advertise gluten free evenings.  They revamped their menu to offer better gluten free options after listening to customer feedback … interesting!  And they are a chain so have a number of places from here to Harrogate. They also sell champagne by the glass so I had to have one!!  Like your flask idea though. [Ed: I had suggested she take a flask of safe wine with her so she could enjoy a glass with her meal along with her friends.]

I did take choc brownie with me in the morning …. but ended up eating it with my morning cup of rooibush before I got to the restaurant – no willpower!  Had very yummy sorbet instead.  However try my recipe below and you’ll know why my willpower wilted …..

Chestnut & chocolate brownie recipe:

These are dairy and truly gluten free and I use palm sugar in this recipe. I advise to only use good quality chocolate such as the Mortimer chocolate powder I’ve used here which can be ordered from http://www.bigbarn.co.uk/ or found in Waitrose.  The flours & coconut oil can be bought from health food shops or online at www.goodnessdirect.co.uk.

These brownies freeze well & reheat in the oven straight from frozen for 10mins on 200C.  Or add to lunch box and they are fine to eat within a couple of hours.  YUM!!


130g Organic Coconut oil

100g Mortimer chocolate powder

150g Coconut palm sugar

76g Chestnut flour (or 38g coconut flour if you cannot source/eat chestnut flour)

2 free range/organic/woodland eggs


  1. Melt coconut oil in pan
  2. Beat eggs and sugar together
  3. Add chocolate powder to melted oil and stir gently until all melted
  4. Pour chocolate mix into eggs and sugar and stir
  5. Sift in chestnut (or coconut) flour and mix together
  6. Pour into lined baking tray (9×9″ for thicker brownies, 11×9″ for thinner ones).  Spread mixture evenly.
  7. Bake for 20-25mins on 180C (stick a cocktail stick in the middle and it’s done if it comes out clean)
  8. Leave to cool for 10mins then cut whilst still warm into whatever size slices you like – truly yummy – enjoy!

6 thoughts on “#Gluten Free Eating Out and Chocolate Brownies Recipe

  1. Pecan flour – now I like the idea of that & will have to try it. 🙂

  2. do you buy ‘pecan flour’ or is it just ground pecans??

  3. […] I used them. The choc brownie is pretty delish though; I do remember that!  Or, make your own brownies which are just as […]

  4. Micki, I tried this recipe for my hubby on his birthday – he is not TGF but I don’t want to use flours that I’m allergic to (very frustrating as I sometimes want to make him a scrummy ‘normal’ treat!!)
    So because I am allergic to nuts, I thought I would share my experience for anyone else allergic to nuts!
    I used ground linseed and ground pumpkin seeds only, as flour, and used grapeseed oil (as I’m also allergic to coconut so none in the house) I had to use sugar and agave, as I had no other replacer in large enough quantity – but anyway, a massive SUCCESS! He said they were delicious! They certainly smelt it!! Gave me hope – was wondering if this is do-able with xylitol? (I know, my new obsession!!) er, once again, just theoretically!!?!
    Also, I added a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of vanilla powder. And a little dash of bicarb to lighten the texture a bit (they rose just slightly)

    • How fab, thanks for letting us know. Excellent I shall have to try that with seed flour then – all that goodness there for your bowels (linseeds) and zinc (pumpkin)! See my other comment about xylitol – can substitute 1:1 with sugar in baking.

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