Truly #Gluten Free Mussels

Zoe wrote in to make a good point about mussels being truly gluten free:

I’ve just been looking at your list of safe fish and seafood and I see that mussels are not on there. Have just done a bit of research online and it looks like even when farmed they are not fed artificially:

“What they eat…

Mussels are filter feeders: they obtain all their required nutrients by drawing sea water through their gills and filtering out naturally occurring tiny plants and animals called plankton. Mussel farmers therefore do not need to feed their stock.”

So, unless I’m missing something, they might be a good one to add to your list, especially as they are often available in restaurants.

I was only thinking about this myself the other day and Zoe has got there before me. I shall add them to the list when I get a moment. It is SO nice to have all you investigators out there too gathering useful stuff. Thank you. Keep it up!


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