#Coconut Flour Pastry

Jackie wrote in today to ask:

Do you have any recipes for coconut flour based pie crust/ pastry dough? I want to make some turnovers with quince, but I’m new to coconut flour and can’t really eyeball a recipe yet. I made a successful pie crust the other day, but I had to very gingerly press it into the pan, and I think it only held because the pie was a refrigerated one (chocolate mousse! gluten/sugar/dairy free. it was to die for) But- any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my reply:

I don’t have a recipe as such as don’t use coconut flour that often but Bruce Fife’s Cooking with Coconut Flour (see in Books) would be a good resource for you. He has a single crust recipe based on

 1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup flaked coconut

2 eggs

1/2 tbsp honey (optional if you want savoury pastry)

1/4 cup butter (I would use grapeseed oil or coconut oil)

Pinch salt

If you need it to hold together more, either increase the egg amount and/or add some arrowroot would be my advice.

Anyone else got any advice to add to mine?


6 thoughts on “#Coconut Flour Pastry

  1. Very interested in Jackie’s chocolate mousse recipe! :o)

  2. Sorry! Of course! You wouldn’t believe how easy it is. I made an 8″ pie, about 1/2″ thick. Adjust if you want more 🙂


    1 can of coconut cream, full fat (usually find it in the Asian food aisle) open it up and refrigerate it overnight, (or for at least 4 hours, I would think). You’ll find that the fat separates from the coconut water. Scoop out the fat/cream into a bowl and use the water (on the bottom) for a smoothie or something. Use a whisk or electric mixer to whip the cream like you would whip regular cream!

    Add to the whipped coconut cream: 1 ~100g melted chocolate bar (I used 1 just-barely-melted 70% Lindt bar) and whip it in. (Use good quality chocolate, you will probably taste the difference! I have a friend who uses cocoa powder instead, but I’m not sure how she does it)

    Refrigerate this mixture and you will NOT believe how rich, fluffy, and delicious it is. It’s unbelievable.

    That’s it for the filling!

    My crust was approximately:

    2 eggs beaten with 1/2 c melted unsalted butter

    Added in 1-2 t of five spice powder (really autumny mix that includes cloves, cinnamon, fennel, anise, and nutmeg) and 1 t vanilla extract

    After that was all mixed, I slowly added spoonfuls of coconut flour until I just barely had a dough. It might have been about 1/4 c all together. I found that coconut flour can make things taste really dry, so I add it one bit at a time, mix really well, and wait for it to absorb all its liquid before assessing if the bowl needs more.

    Then I pressed it into a tin and baked at about 400F for maybe 15 minutes. I had to put tin foil around the edges because they brown first, and dont forget to poke holes in the bottom or it will balloon up and break!

    • Sounds yummy, Jackie. Note for those of you who are dairy free, use coconut oil, Purespread and cocoa powder or dairy free chocolate instead. Does ‘c’ mean ‘cup’ please Jackie?

      I made a filling the other day using cashew nut butter, carob powder and honey as that was what I happened to have in. Was fab too but very heavy and rich – a little bit went a very long way, even for me! A quick pastry crust can also be ground up nuts and dates/apricots simply pressed into the flan case.

  3. There is great cookbook: Cooking with Coconut Flour-Gluten Free Alternative

  4. […] you could use coconut flour pastry or Sharon’s rollout-able version […]

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