Fancy A Date?

Caroline sent in a message this morning asking about fresh dates:

Just wondering with all the talk on the TGF blog about wines and food at Christmas- Can you advice if the fresh dates available in the supermarkets now are TGF – would it say on the packet if dusted in rice flour – should we check with the supremarket? SO nice to have fresh dates not dried for a change if they were safe. 

Good question. Rice is often used to dust dates (and other fruit) to help make them less sticky for processing and it is unlikely that this would be declared on any packaging. I would advise it is safest to check with your supermarkets direct. Let us know what any of you find out so we can all enjoy some!

Meantime, look here for more on truly gluten free fruit and nut stuff.


2 thoughts on “Fancy A Date?

  1. On a different note I mentioned in my list of what I ate in a day that I used apple balsamic vinegar. Checked with the makers Aspall and they say it is safe if you are on a grain free diet.
    Ingredients – cyder vinegar, concentrated apple juice and water – I was apprehensive about the apple juice and mentioned citric acid but they said no it is perfectly ok. – I buy it from Waitrose.
    Ps thanks for the date advice – will email waitrose and see what they say.

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