‘Clean Diet’ Feedback Please

A few of you are trying the new ‘Clean Diet’ which is free from other dietary baddies as well as being TGF. Can you please let me have any thoughts by email or on here as I am about to update it.

Thanks ever so.


4 thoughts on “‘Clean Diet’ Feedback Please

  1. Hi Micki,
    Just wondering if you have ever thought of holding a short conference for TGF folk? – self catering of course. At times I think it would be so useful and reassuring to actually meet face to face other people having to follow a TGF diet. Would be interesting just to see what each person cooked whilst there? Ironically I attended my first coeliac support group today – most folk close to me thought it would be helpful – the speaker had cancelled at the last minute so they did a gluten free bread tasting session!!! – So much for feeling part of that group!
    Just a thought for the future,

    • Fab idea, Caroline. I would love to do that and plan to do much more support stuff once I finally have the protocol down and sorted, which is most important at the moment so I can prevent more intolerances developing from the gluten damage. Perhaps you can become event organiser when we’re ready…!

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