Pureed Seeds Over Fruit

C just wrote in to say she has been enjoying a good breakfast:

I have a collection of seeds pureed in either fruit juice or sometimes water with a little honey mixed in poured over fruit for breakfast – even my partner thinks it is tasty!

Sounds yum and would make a good dessert or snack too. High protein and good source of nutrients. Well done, C.

Let’s have more of your ideas, please…! And don’t be scared to use the comments system on this blog so everyone can share, thanks.

Incidentally, C also reports: that she went TGF on 1st September and ‘everything has greatly improved’ already. Long may it continue.



One thought on “Pureed Seeds Over Fruit

  1. heya, I’m looking for more protein solutions? A little help from anyone would be great… I had to cut out all lectins due to problems with them, I tried fish but that gives me too much histamine issues and meat is just right out..Been doing a lot of research, but in order to get my daily amount of protein in I’d have to eat kilo’s of veggies .
    Any ideas?

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