Truly #Gluten Free Pastry

Sharon has today sent this idea for pastry in for us, so here it is:

Managed to invent pastry today – it even rolled out – so will see if I can make individual quiche for D’s lunch.  when I’m feeling brave I might even try a cornish pastie!

 2 oz ground almonds

 2oz arrowroot

 2 oz soya flour 

3 oz margarine

 1 flat teaspoon baking powder

 a little water

 I just put all the flour in a bowl, added chunks of marg and a little water so that it all “stuck” together.  Then rolled it out.  Seemed to work today so hope it works next time!

Sounds yum. Let us know, Sharon, how you got on with the quiche and pasty, please?

For those of you non-soya, try a different flour like arrowroot, chestnut or coconut maybe. Re the marg, I STILL haven’t had time to try Pure and Sainsbury’s have STILL not come back to me about the vitamin C and E additives. Anyone else got any comments on Pure/reactions/OK…?


3 thoughts on “Truly #Gluten Free Pastry

  1. How about… Substituting coconut oil for the marg – and (if it is OK, Micki) using a tad (1/2 teaspoon?) on xanthan gum to help hold it all together?

    • Good idea re coconut oil, although have to say personally I can’t stand the taste of it, although I know you lurve it! Xanthan gum invariably comes from corn, but egg (for those who can have it) would work. Guar gum is the best gum really, but not sure if we can buy that – anyone know? I reckon arrowroot might thicken it, or perhaps flaxseed powder.

  2. […] Alternatively, you could use coconut flour pastry or Sharon’s rollout-able version here. […]

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