TGF Packed Lunch Ideas Please

As per the last post, D, 9, is doing really well but Mum needs some packed lunch ideas now he is back at school. Can you help?

I am struggling with packed lunches though.  However hard I try my attempts at savoury snacks don’t really work!!  This combined with D, understandably,  not wanting to be too “different” means that he is ending up with lots of fruit and then cakes for lunch! 

I have suggested a few things but anyone got some fab ideas..? Thanks.


2 thoughts on “TGF Packed Lunch Ideas Please

  1. How about a veggie loaf using gram flour, tofu and lightly steamed diced veg – i mix it all together, with an egg and some oil, place in a loaf tine and bake on medium heat till slightly brown on top,. Also tried no yeast gram flour naan breads this evening – still experimenting with the exact recipe but they do hold together quite well and could be used with a filling between 2 for a sandwich – approx 6 oz gram flour, 1 tsp tgf baking powder, pinch sea salt, soya milk to blend. Beat well , add more flour to make a stiff bread like dough. I then immediately made them into balls and falttened them into tear drops before placing them under a hot grill for a couple of minutes , turn and another few mins and thats them done. The original recipe says to knead the dough for 8 – 10mins and then leave for an hour before kneading again and then forming balls and teardrops and so on. – Today was a bit too hectic for all that!

    • What a good idea, thanks Caroline. Like the loaf idea, but I wonder what we could use instead of tofu for soya-allergics? For the naan breads, to make them soya free (as D is), use a nut milk instead and check the cross-contamination warnings – so far, people have recommended only Goodness Direct gram flour I believe.

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