Hair Loss, Pain, Restless Legs Truly #Gluten Free Success

I received this lovely message today from C, who bought the TGF book a few weeks ago after I advised her to go grain free as she wasn’t getting fully better on a traditional gluten free diet.

Here is her original message from mid August in case you recognise yourself, followed by her comment today, 11 days after going TrulyGlutenFree:

I was diagnosed with raynauds syndrome about 25 years ago, carpel tunnel tension and IBS 20 years ago and have had restless leg syndrome for most of 20 years and various other odd complaints down the line and my energy level and general feeling of well being have been very poor for the last 1 -2  years. Stumbled on a gluten free website in December and gave it a shot. Everything cleared up for 1 -2 months and then I felt myself slipping again not so severely as i do with wheat gluten. Again by chance left out corn, chick peas and maltodextrin when on a camping holiday in france in July and everything cleared up again. Challenged myself for 2 weeks when I came home with corn and the symptoms reappeared. What I have read of your ebook so far makes perfect sense to me. Wish my GP would read it! I have a lot yet to learn.


Thank you so much for the advice to go grain free. I am pleased to say that finally my hair has stopped falling out again and is soft and shiny. The severe pain in the palm of my hand has gone as has the pain in my knee and most of all my hands haven’t gone bluey orange and swollen for a few days now. I feel slightly bereft at night as my restless leg syndrome has also gone. I’m so used to twitching I almost want to keep moving my leg out of habit seems alien to lie at peace!! Have a slight tingling in a shoulder blade for a few minutes each night but am sure that will go with time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. In the mean time it is wonderfully supportive to know you are on a blog and have the web site.

That’s quick work. But D, in the previous post today, changed in about that time too so, if it is right for you and you do it well, things can change pretty quickly. Fingers crossed for you.

Lump and throat time!  These messages are keeping me going so do let me know how you are getting on sometimes!


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