Back To School Truly #Gluten Free Success

S has just emailed to say that D, her 9 year old lad who has been off school with chronic fatigue has:

Started back at school on Monday and has managed full time every day so far.  He even went swimming after school last night!

This was apparently after such episodes over the past few days of watching the athletics and being inspired to jog all the way to the post box for Mum and going on a several mile bike ride with Dad. Not bad for just a few short weeks on the TGF diet after we confirmed the whole family as gluten sensitive. So pleased for them. We are struggling to get the TGF prescription protocol in as D has such complex food allergy problems, but with time on the diet for the body to heal, I’m sure we’ll get there.

S is having some trouble with packed lunches though so next post is a plea for ideas… please help if you can.


One thought on “Back To School Truly #Gluten Free Success

  1. […] quick work. But D, in the previous post today, changed in about that time too so, if it is right for you and you do it well, things can change […]

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