Not Just Me…

This is the 100th post already on the TGF blog! Can you believe that?

To celebrate, and prove that the progress is not just mine, I just got this email from H, a TGF patient who really was at the end of her tether and has improved since we gene tested her four months ago and treated accordingly. Her progress is simply down to the removal of grains and support of the adrenals, thyroid and absorption:

Thanks for your support.  My family are so relieved to see some definitive progress at last. I honestly can say I am going to do all I can to maintain my health and maybe I will feel better than I ever did ?  My teens onwards were lousy and at 37 I can claim some time back.  What a journey !!!  Onwards and upwards , hurrah.  Thanks cannot express our gratitude.

Aah. Makes all the hard work worthwhile. She has a way to go as this is early days yet but her progress in such a short space of time is fantastic to see.

I hope you have found the last 100 posts on the trulyglutenfree blog helpful, and that the next 100 will be even more so. Do let me know.


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