#Celiac Disease Just One Form Of #Gluten Sensitivity

Check this research report quote I just saw on the Gluten Free Society blog, which explains how gluten sensitivity in genetically susceptible individuals can cause many other, sometimes much more serious, conditions other than celiac disease. In this case, nerve damage.

We need more people to start acknowledging this and GFS is asking people to show this kind of report to their doctors to raise awareness.

Gluten sensitivity is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs in genetically susceptible individuals on ingesting gluten. It can appear at any age, then becoming a permanent condition. It is more frequent in women, as happens with other autoimmune diseases.

Celiac disease is the intestinal form and the most important manifestation among a set of gluten-induced autoimmune pathologies that affect different systems.

Neurological manifestations of gluten sensitivity, with or without enteropathy [villi intestinal damage], are also frequent, their pathogenesis including an immunological attack on the central and peripheral nervous tissue accompanied by neurodegenerative changes. The clinical manifestations are varied, but the most common syndromes are cerebellar ataxia and peripheral neuropathy.

Finally, gluten sensitivity is associated to a varying degree, with other complex diseases and could influence their evolution. The early detection of cases of gluten sensitivity with neurological manifestations and subsequent treatment with the gluten-free diet could provide remarkable benefits to the patients.

You can access the full report here. The research on gluten sensitivity and neurological disorders like depression, MS, ataxia, neuropathy, even migraine, is much more advanced than in most other areas. But despite this fact, the link is still not acknowledged by most in the medical profession.

Here is a quick pictorial representation of some of the main areas affected by gluten sensitivity. It is NOT just about coeliac/celiac disease, however you want to spell it!

Different manifestations of gluten induced damage


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