70% Of Suspected #Celiacs Have Gluten Sensitivity NOT Celiac

This is interesting: Dr. Alessio Fasano  from the University of Maryland Celiac Research Center believes that for every 10 patients referred to him for suspected Coeliac Disease, 6-7 of them are not coeliac but ARE gluten sensitive.

Those are huge numbers. He reckons that 10% of the US population is gluten sensitive but other experts like Dr Ford, Dr O’Bryan, Dr Peterson and Dr Osborne are convinced it is closer to 30-40%, and could be much higher.

I do wonder if the testing for coeliac disease was a little more robust – looking for more than just a reaction to 33-mer gliadin (we will soon have the extended tests – yay!) and not so reliant on patchy biopsies, whether in fact the presence of celiac disease would be much higher as well as gluten sensitivity. Either way, we know (as per my previous post today) that celiac disease is just one manifestation of gluten sensitivity so both are most likely much more prevalent than we think.

Encouragingly Dr Green at the Celiac Disease Center in Columbia University thinks gluten sensitivity as a condition has now been verified:

Recent studies are showing the gluten sensitivity may be much more common than previously thought. It may, in fact, be a separate disease entity that involves different organs and different mechanisms than celiac disease.  While there is no doubt that the condition exists, the lack of definite criteria for a diagnosis has resulted in a skeptical attitude on the part of many doctors. The acceptance of gluten sensitivity as a valid condition has evolved.

Well said.

You don’t have to feel like you’re the only one with this condition – and you don’t have to feel weird for having it. Many people are likely to have it, like coeliac disease which is grossly under-diagnosed as we already know, but the reality is they are living with symptoms and conditions caused by gluten sensitivity and neither they, nor their doctors, know it. I am glad I am spreading the word. I am seeing too much illness related to it and am frustrated by the lack of acknowledgement in orthodox AND alternative medicine – I seem to be fighting both camps and it’s a bit lonely out here! I, for one, plan to do something about it. Ooh. Fighting talk! I’d better get on with then….


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