Safe Flours – Help Needed

Carolyn has asked if anyone can help direct her to safe supplies of Gram and Chestnut flour, please? She is worried about cross-contamination. Which brands have you had and been OK with please?


17 thoughts on “Safe Flours – Help Needed

  1. Maureen Fitzgerald

    I had a problem with Dove’s Farm gram flour – had a reaction to it.

  2. Well, we have been OK with doves Farm gram flour and Shipton Mill chestnut flour – but – I am not sure how absolutely sensitive we are……

    • Yes, that’s the issue isn’t it, Michelle? Actually the most sensitive people are in fact in the best position because the damage is going on internally whether you can feel it symptomatically or not. Having the symptom reaction stops you damaging yourself more. (Although of course I don’t like being one the sensitive ones when I’m in the middle of a reaction!) Clinican-wise, it is much more difficult to persuade those with minor symptoms to go TGF, as you can imagine. Dr Tom O Bryan says: ‘you can’t be a little bit pregnant, and you can’t be a little bit gluten sensitive’. I try to remember that.

  3. I’m trying Markal now, its either that giving me a headache or the fructose..will let you know asap

  4. I have used Goodness Organic Chickpea flour from Goodness Direct without a problem but it does say on the label that it may contain peanut and nut traces. Hope that helps. Good Luck.

  5. Thank you very much! I am still also trying to hunt down “safe” buckwheat and amaranth if anyone has any ideas – either in whole form or as flours.

    Best wishes, Carolyn

  6. Message from Anthony:
    I have a packet of Good Food pearl tapioca in front of me. The address on the back of the packet says “Mintons Good Food, Llandrindod Wells, Powys LD1 5AB” but there’s no website or email address. Incidentally, their buckwheat went negative on me as well. I don’t tolerate any grains at all now, not even the pearl tapioca.

  7. Thanks Anthony. I am finding that most TGFs cannot tolerate any grains – it is interesting to note that in the gluten cross-reactive foods list all grains turn up, including tapioca, amaranth and buckwheat. It may be that you become more sensitive to them – or notice issues with them more – once the main grains have come out. They do continue the same inflammatory and leaky gut reaction as gluten as their protein structures are so similar and the body confuses them as gluten. Pain in the proverbial. I have just simply stopped all grains until I have done the TGF protocol for at least a year to make the gut less leaky and lowered the molecular mimicry immune issue going on. I hope then I may be able to tolerate some of the other grains if I don’t have them now – may not work but worth a shot.

  8. maybe a long shot, but is there any safe gramflour that can be ordered online? Its a pain to get here in belgium… and I soooo miss my veggi burgers and carob cookies ..

  9. Update from Sharon:” by the way, we seem to have hit a problem with Doves Farm Gram Flour – don’t know if it is cross contaminated but D and I both seem to react to it – so will stick with the Goodness Direct one for now!

  10. […] Gram flour can be cross-contaminated so watch out. See here for people’s comments on the ones they use. Also, chilli is going to be on the list of foods […]

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