#Gluten Sensitivity Process Diagram

For those of you, like me, who learn more visually, here is a diagram of what happens in the body as a result of gluten sensitivity. If you click on it once, it should come up bigger. If it is too big, click again to shrink it. Fascinating stuff and we are very grateful to Dr Vojdani for doing such wonderful work so we can all learn.

By Dr Vojdani, Immunologist


2 thoughts on “#Gluten Sensitivity Process Diagram

  1. […] I just found a diagram from Dr Vodjani, an immunologist who specialises in this area that shows this […]

  2. […] the need for such a strict protocol when someone can’t actually feel it. Then, I rely on the drawings and research from immunologist Vodjani et al. Read here for more on the process of gluten […]

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