#Gluten Free Painkillers

So, what do you do when you have a murderous migraine or aching joints and, in desperation, the Ibuprofen or Aspirin you reach for has corn starch in it? They all do. Had you noticed? Taking them is likely to make the problem last longer than it would have. I find a migraine stretches for 5-6 days if I dare take a painkiller. Ugh.

This happened to me recently and, luckily, N, a patient in Belgium, came to my rescue and told me about the suppositories she and her Mum uses – called Perdolan Compositum suppositories. Before you get excited, we found that you cannot get this in the UK and that it is only available in Belgium – us Brits are clearly not ready for bum drugs!

But, it did remind me of the post I wrote about suppositories being the best, most allergen-free way to take meds if you do need them. I would rather do it naturally, and cope most of the time, but for times when it is too much to bear, suppositories are the least likely to be glutened, and the delivery system absorbs very quickly through the bowel, bypassing an already compromised digestive system. The only worry I have is damaging our gut walls even further with irritant drugs like aspirin.

As usual, it set me off on a crusade. I chatted to my local pharmacist who advises you can get paracetamol in suppository form. Next migraine, after the 2nd day, I decided enough was enough and sent P to go and get some for me. Slight problem in that the pharmacist had not told me they cost £54 over the counter!! However, you should be able to get a prescription from your GP so it is best to ask your GP for some next time you see them and have some in. I don’t advocate drugs very often, but I am a realist and sometimes they are well-needed. I know a lot of you put up with pain on a daily basis, so I thought this info might be useful for you.



3 thoughts on “#Gluten Free Painkillers

  1. Quick update – A tried to get some from his GP on prescription only to be told they wouldn’t be able to do it very often because of the cost – but would do it as a favour! Nice to know the NHS is working for us then….put up with the pain or pay out, it seems. Perhaps other GPs may be more amenable.

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