Olive & Rosemary Bread Video

Remember the olive and rosemary bread I wrote about? I see that the Gluten Free Society has posted a video of how to make it for those of us who like visual learning – me! You have to be a member to see the video series – I think they are up to 7 recipe videos now; the latest is for wild rice and mushrooms. There are tons of other types of information videos and resources there too. If you’re not a member, why not? Some really useful stuff and doesn’t cost a lot. Check it out.

Meantime, some other tips:

I recently made the bread with walnut paste I got from HBS Foods instead of the usual almond paste/butter. Different nutritional profile and variety is the spice of life and all that. It turns out very dark-coloured but very tasty. My sister thought it would be nice as a sweet loaf so instead of olives and rosemary, try adding more honey or agave, raisins or cranberries (again from HBS – I have checked these one out) and some seeds. Like a muesli bread. I have made the almond version like this a few times and it makes a nice late-night snack when you’ve got the munchies, or an easy breakfast when you have little time.

If like me you are time-poor, instead of doing everything in the recommended stages, bung it in a mixer all at once! The lovely people at Thermomix have lent me one of their fab – very powerful – mixers to trial and the mix does in less than 30 seconds in that. How’s that for speed?! In fact, I am saving money because I use the mixer to grind the whole nuts (less than 2 seconds) and make them into paste (around 10 seconds) as I need them, then add everything else to the bowl and mix away. Then, simply pour into a loaf tin (I use a paper loaf liner to save on added oil, time to grease it and washing up) and bake as normal. Easy peasy. Anything to make life simple.



3 thoughts on “Olive & Rosemary Bread Video

  1. […] flour rather than keep buying it. Not quite as fine as the Tiana, but passable. Also, with the new Thermomix I mentioned here, it is so easy to just buy the whole nuts and make them into flour and paste yourself as you need […]

  2. I can’t find the recipe ie the ingredients, so how can I judge anything?

    • If you mean the olive and rosemary bread, Anna, looks like they have changed the location so the link doesn’t work! Try searching for it on the GFS site.I’ll pop it in the post if I find it.

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