#Gluten Timing – And Another Thing!

Blow me, just as I sent that last post about the importance of timing when a baby is introduced to gluten, the next report I read was on a similar similar subject!

In this one, researchers were trying to work out why children born in Spring & Summer seem to become coeliac at about 6 months. They reckon it has to do with weaning onto gluten 6 months after they were born and possibly the drop in Vitamin D as they enter the darker months. I think both could be factors.

If we wait for 6 months to expose them to gluten – and usually that is with a sudden repeated regular exposure – instead of exposing them to tiny amounts earlier as in my last post – it can only be a shock to the body and we haven’t given the early immune system a chance to cope.

As for Vitamin D, I have read so many studies now about the importance of it in coeliac disease and gluten sensitivity, it is going to become part of the main treatment protocol. In fact, yesterday I wrote about Vitamin D on the purehealth blog and today am ordering the test for myself for that very reason. I do know when I was taking 4000iu, I felt less reactive and since I have stopped – due to the difficulty of finding a TGF one at high enough dosage (which I now have: Kirkman D3 2000iu hypoallergenic capsules – Natural Dispensary are getting some in for us) – I feel more reactive. Coincidence? Maybe. But I’m not taking any chances.


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